1. A

    HKS EVC inline vacuum filters

    Im looking for replacement HKS EVC inline vacuum filters 4mm & 6mm, the cheapest..& only ones I could find so far are £30 total, seems a bit of a ripoff, anyone know where to get them cheaper? Thanks.
  2. A

    Anyone good at setting HKS EVC 5's?

    Is there anyone who can help setup an HKS EVC 5? Ive followed the manual but it just doesn't seem to limit the boost, its going to 151kpa. It was set to a value before, the gauge on the a-pillar was showing over 1bar then, so I tried to lower it but its boosting more now & I cant get the old...
  3. D

    hks evc install

    hi guys, i have an old evc lying around thought i try installing it, if im deemed capable i understand everything already under some reading LOL - i just found out the s15 was internal wastegates :annoyed: anyways, my question is - red is 12v power - would u go under the steering column and...
  4. Alex De Large

    Fitting Boost Controller - HKS EVC

    Apologies for the proper noobish question but i'm trying to fit my HKS EVC, i'm having a problem wiring it up from the engine bay to the cabin. Can anyone offer any advice as to where they slotted their cable through into the cabin. If anyone can help, much appreciated!:)
  5. C

    FS: HKS EVC 6 electronic boost controller

    This is the most advanced boost controller you can currently buy IMO. It has more functions than you'll ever need, aswell as being able to relate boos to speed, rpm, gear TPS etc.. It is about a year old, has covered no more than 2000 miles and is in as new condition aesthetically and...
  6. C

    FS: Hks evc 6 boost controller (only 6 months old)

    Hks evc 6 boost controller complete with everything only 6 months old taken from a r34 gt-r skyline in as new condition price: 390.00 euro cheers chris
  7. C

    HKS GT Actuator Kit for S14/S15 Silvia/200SX

    HKS' new style GT Actuator is now available to fit Nissan Silvia (200SX) S14/S15 with SR20DET engines. GT Actuator for SILVIA S14 & S15. It can be the first step of boost up without installation of EVC. It enables easy and affordable boost up. Features ①Boost up without installation of...
  8. S

    FS: HKS Fcon IS,Navigator and EVC 4 gen

    This is a little useless here in Norway with 9 hours driving to the only place that can map this ecu and they gotta hire a man from brittain to map it :| So therefore im selling The Ecu with the Navigator and the HKS EVC 4th gen. dunno the worth but i was told about 500 pounds so if anybody...
  9. S

    Manual for HKS fcon and evc

    I bought my car with hks fcon and evc installed. The problem is that i dont know how to use them:annoyed: Im not thinking about mapping the fcon, but to understand the display thingy and why it beeps sometimes. And i would like to know how to use the evc, i think its an 4th gen but im not...
  10. S

    HKS 5th Generation EVC Boost Controller

    I've found this translated about the HKS 5th Generation EVC Boost Controller with optional Power Writer software setting (5x5map on boost compensation) interesting in the translated article <http://www.jdm-option.com/pr_HKS/EVCimp/nex.php> (use <http://babelfish.altavista.com/> for Japanese...
  11. M


    Hi I have 3 units or HKS EVC 6 BOOST CONTROLER for selling on ebay. Item number: 220104284676 Buy it now price is 316 pounds. please mail to aok_rcworldwide@yahoo.com.hk if you have interest. Marco
  12. D

    base boost....

    Does anyone know what the base boost is on just the actuator alone? this is needed to setup my EVC. Cheers.
  13. A

    What about The Boost Control Kit with Apexi Power FC??/

    Is it ok? Does it work w/o problems? or better to buy Apexi AVC-R, HKS EVC or other?
  14. A

    Apexi AVC-R vs HKS EVC????

    What is better?