1. S

    front wipers not working on intermittant and not parking properly, likely cause?

    hey hey. just wondering if anyone has had the same fault as me? my wipers go at the regular speed when on intermittant. constant speed no pause between passes regardless of the interval dial position. they wont park properly either, you have to time the switch to get them to stop at the bottom...
  2. E

    S15 cutting out and fault code 43 TPS

    My s15 sometimes when driving and coming too a stop will cut out..happens also if you rev the car hard and let off it will sometimes cut out or very nearly..did a fault code check and got code 43 TPS ? My tps has two connections on it but only seems too be one plug on the loom? Any help
  3. P

    Does knock sensor fault pull timing and reduce boost?

    Had my spec R since March 2011. Engine and breathing all standard until a week ago. Since maybe November it has not been making standard boost and has felt quite flat and a bit unresponsive on the throttle. I have spent a lot of time looking for boost leaks, and last week fitted a new blitz...
  4. s15 al

    cooling fan

    I recently purchased a s15 and have noticed the cooling fan is constantly on, I thought it might be the coolant temperature sensor so bridged the two pins in the consult port to see if a fault came up as the temperature sensor but it came up with no faults. Could it still be the temperature...
  5. A

    Specialist garages in the Derby/Stoke area?

    I need all my suspension geometry sorting + top mounts changing & the brake warning fault sorting on my car, anyone know of a good place to go in the Derby or Stoke area?
  6. Fruitbooter

    Nissan Consult Interface tool

    I know the actual consult consoles retail in the £1000's so haven't got much hope in this but its worth a shot. Does anyone know if one of these would work? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Consult-Interface-tool-14pin-Diagnostic-Scanner-/290990717979 I'm looking to diagnose a fault with the...
  7. C

    How to: Check S15 Fault Codes - Paperclip Method

    Whilst helping justin666 with his non-starting S15 last week, he showed me how to flash up fault codes on the S15 ECU. I wasn't aware it was possible to do this until last week so here's a quick guide for everybody else.. Nissan ECCS allows you to read any stored fault codes without any...
  8. B

    Hello from Ireland

    heys guys. my name is Dave and im from Ireland. I recently caught the rwd bug and bought an S15 Spec S. Delighted with the car, haven't been able to fault it yet:). Looking forward to getting stuck into some disscussions on S15's and learning more about them. Thats about it for now.
  9. Curryzz

    Curryzz S15 silvia withdrawn from sale:)

    Hello guys, Iv come to my senses and decided to not sell my S15:nod:, I have been having so meny problems with her it has caused me alot of stress and being pretty unhappy to be honist, iv had an electrical fault which i have been unable to fix for the last 4 months, as soon as spring set in...
  10. S

    FS: Blitz R-Vit type II for sale.

    Hi all. I have a Blitz R-vit II for sale in excellent working condition. Comes with the Nissan consult lead and plug to conect straight to the diagnostic port. Plus instruction manual in half English, half Japanesse. LOL Will display lots of the engine sensors, and has adjustable warning alarms...
  11. R


    Hi there just got a new car its not a s15 but has a s15 engine does that count ????:) i have named it already its called Ruggers as it has a Rug on its Dash:D in Purple ERRRRRRRR whats the device in the red circle and can it be removed ??? The car has a fault at the moment on or off...
  12. J

    Uh oh... diagnosis required please fella's

    http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y168/Jonowatts/?action=view&current=UhohS15Steam.flv Right-o, so I arrived at work this morning after a fairly uneventful 15min blat to work only to see steam pouring out from the around the bonnet when I parked up. I opened the bonnet to take a look and the...