1. ArTo

    Blue Itasha S15 - SUKI

    Dear Guys my name is Arthur and I come from Germany. Just want to show my Silvia. I own this since 4 years now and a lot of happend since I bought it in 2013. A lot of specs in so if you want to know someting, just ask! Sponsors: and TEGIWA Currently I have finished the final...
  2. C

    Hi Guys, R33 Owner

    How's it going, always wanted an S15 and my brother's currently in the market for one, so... I'm here to scout ^^ Actually it's exactly that White S15 in the banner above that made me fall in love with them! (assuming it's not a dynamic banner... :S) I've owned an S14 before and was hands down...
  3. dave_t

    FS: S15 Garage Defend Style Cooling Panel - Professionally Finished

    Item for sale: S15 Gragae Defend Style Cooling Panel - Professionally Painted in Gloss Black Description: Bought this Brand New, but the paint finish left something to be desired. I had it professionally finished (fine tuned all of the holes etc.) and finished in gloss black which cost £80, to...
  4. Krish

    FS: Enkei RPF1 18's swaps

    Enkei RPF1 18x9.5 rear with Kumho KU39 255/35 18x9 front with Falcon 452 225/35. Finished in matte black! What you got?
  5. Dan H

    Finished my Defi install

    When I sold my 180sx, I took out all of the Defi gauges I had in there to put in my 15. I had the all the sensors fitted up, and could see the info on the link display, and I had changed the stock boost gauge for a Defi BF one. 9 month later I've eventually finished putting them in :D...
  6. K

    The strip down

    I actually managed to get some time to spend on the s15 (a whole day :D). All suspension gone, tank out etc. Also, managed to get the dash out. Having not pulled one of these out before, it was a bit of a task. Anyway, here is how it looks at the moment. . Still loads to do. Might be...

    Hello from the frozen north...

    Hello guys, Instead of working, I've been poking around this site looking at various thread!:rotfl: The names Matt and I plan to be a S15 owner the minute they are legal for use in Canada. I had a S13 that I had to part ways with because I had to pay for school. Now that I've finished I've...
  8. ryd11r

    RYD11R's 02 S15

    Finished Re-posted
  9. H

    New from Norway :)

    Hi, I was told to write somthing about me :) Im a 26year old boy from Norway. I have newly imported my S15 from Japan. The car is currently standing inside during the winter (hate snow). But when spring arrives the car will hopefully be finished with some upgrades :). Here is a picture of my...
  10. Topper


    Just been on there site looking at Front pipes for the S15, seems there are a few options - HKS - Polished Front Pipe - ?139.07 HKS - Stainless Front Pipe - ?180.25 Now i can see the shape is different, and by the title they seem to be finished differently, but which one is best??