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FS: S15 Garage Defend Style Cooling Panel - Professionally Finished

18 September 2011
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West Midlands, England
Item for sale: S15 Gragae Defend Style Cooling Panel - Professionally Painted in Gloss Black

Description: Bought this Brand New, but the paint finish left something to be desired. I had it professionally finished (fine tuned all of the holes etc.) and finished in gloss black which cost £80, to make it perfect.
IMO it was well worth it as it looks fantastic, and the best looking cooling panel i have seen.

It is super durable and the fit is spot on. It just looks so great once fitted - which is an easy job, 10 minutes at most.

To finish it off I also bunged the redundant holes with rubber grommets, as can be seen in the pictures.

Reason For Sale: Only removing due to oil cooler location not allowing me to keep this

Condition: Great Condition - One small mark which will polish out (cant feel with fingernail) - see pics


Even the underside is painted

I can't seem to find any pics of it fitted
:down: but you can see it in the dyno vid@protuner.

Price: RRP £135 Delivered

Mine has cost me £135 + £80 refinish & Paint = £215

Quick Sale: £125 Delivered (Recorded)

(Buyer to cover paypal fee's (add 3.4% +20p or send as gift)