1. C

    S14 rear camber arms fit a s15?

    Just wondering if rear camber arms for a nissan s14 will fit a nissan s15. Cheers
  2. sniffy

    Nissan Steering wheel splines

    Hi, Does anyone know are the splines on all nissan steering wheels the same ? Ie could I fit a nissan Juke wheel into a S15. Thanks
  3. lewis

    OEM Aero Side Skirts and Spats

    Any advice is appreciated. I have just bought aero side skirts and spats and i'm not %100 sold on drilling holes in the body under the door to fit them the oem way. Does anyone have any genius ideas or advice that may help me, or do I have to grow up and try and get it perfect by using the oem...
  4. A

    ISO Harness for double din head unit

    Hy guys can any one shed some light in this. i have a new double din I am looking to fit but I can't find the ISO harness I need. Anyone know which one I need? Or where get one from? thanks
  5. JDM_virgin

    3" downpipe and elbow for s14/s15

    Access Denied will fit an s15 but is a tight fit. willing to sell outside of the bay to forum members
  6. C

    WTB: Decat pipe

    Looking for a decat pipe to fit the standard exhaust. Does anyone have one?
  7. Saxon

    FMIC + Stock Airbox?

    Hi everyone, Will the stock airbox work with a FMIC in terms of space? I have a thing against hot air intakes/sik wikid induction kits but am I going to have to get one in order to fit the FMIC? If so, which is going to be the best or better than others as I know there are a few different...
  8. Saxon

    EP Racing Aero Bumper

    Been looking at aero bumpers pretty much since I got my S15. I don't think I really want to pay the price for an OEM one so I was looking at fibreglass ones. Now I know fibreglass ones usually don't fit properly first time so I'm fully expecting to have to do a bit of work on it to make it fit...
  9. G

    6 Speed Autech Flywheel - what clutch?

    Hi, Been told a 5 speed clutch will fit the single mass lightened Autech flywheel for my 6 speed S15 gearbox. For reference I am fitting a 6 speed to my SR20DE for closer ratios, and ideally would like to match the lightened flywheel with a nice 3 puk clutch or similar. Just wanted to confirm...
  10. D

    How to fit Aero front bumper?

    Hey guys, Might be a silly question, but how do I fit my aero front bumper? Do I need any mounting brackets? Are they different from the normal OEM bumper ones? I tried to look up the part numbers of the brackets for the Aero bumper, but it didn't make any sence. If someone could help me out I...
  11. N

    FS: Parts Shop Max Gold Skid Plate & Oil Pan Guard for S14 / S15

    Originally bought for my S15 but never got round to fitting it. Listed for S14 but can’t see why it wouldn’t fit an S15 or will require little modification. £120 Inc UK Mainland Delivery.
  12. F

    350z seats into a s15

    Anyone know if 350/370z seats fit into the s15? If not anyone know what is a direct fit? Thanks
  13. langers

    Best place to buy Ferodo DS2500?

    As the title stats, where is the best place to get these pads? There's a few on eBay, but eBay is full of fakes so I'm a bit hesitant to order off there. Also will s14 pads fit the s15 calipers?
  14. JDM_virgin

    Hood Dampers

    Was browsing the intaweb and came across these, even though they are for s13/14 would they also fit our cars?
  15. B

    Spec S SR20DET exhaust ?

    Just on with putting a SR20DET (T28 turbo) in my spec S, can anyone tell me which downpipe i can use to fit my existing standard exhaust Thanks for the info in advance
  16. Keifer1903

    WTB: SR20 boost solenoid

    Looking for the above as mine clicking constantly and is very loud. Pic attached for the one I have. Needs to fit sr20 s15. Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero S15
  17. B

    FS: Origin Lab front wings +40mm

    Sold..,...,............ Bought 2 pairs of these and decided on the other size so these are now surplus to my requirements Brand new, very good fit (obviously require prepping and painting and bit of fettling to fit nicely) also they don't come drilled £250 plus postage (£25) Northwest...
  18. H

    Lip Spoiler options and front bumper grills

    what options are available for the Spec S front bumper although currently on near standard ride height, it will be going a lot lower but the front still looks a little weak. also I've seen some inserts that fit around the fog lights to fill the gap in the bumper, are these easy to come by?
  19. C

    6 Speed Synchro Set.....where from???

    So my 2nd gear synchro has gone. Got a friend who can pull the gearbox apart and fit if i can find the part. I'm a n00b. Any ideas???? :thumbs: Thanks folks
  20. s15Irl

    FS: Drivers side head light, centre console, leather gaitor

    I have a few bits to sell drivers side head light brackets were broken but repaired lined up fine. . Passed nct/mot €120 plus delivery ono Radio/ gear surround, I bougth this to spray and fit to my car, never did and won't be now. It has a small piece filed away on the left was to fit a car...