1. J

    WTB: S15 seatbelt

    Hello I'm looking for a S15 seatbelt drivers side, I already tried a skyline seatbelt it fits but I can't pull out the seatbelt. Does anyone has a seatbelt drivers side of a S15? Please let me know, I really need one...
  2. D

    FS: For sale genuine nissan front wheel bearing(hub) fits s14 s14a s15

    For sale genuine nissan front wheel bearing(hub) fits s14 s14a s15 170gbp Posted for 1 piece Pair available
  3. J

    S15 central locking motor needed

    Does any one have a spare s15 passenger side central locking motor or no of where I can get one, or maybe if a s14 fits please.
  4. billy_t15

    WTB: Spec R halfshafts

    Hi all Looking for a pair of half shafts / side flanges for my tomei 2 way LSD I believe standard S15 ones will fit, ive tried S14 and S13 but no provail! I have one S15 drivers side that fits but the passenger side is in **** condition so cant be used I will take a complete rear diff and...
  5. S

    WTB: S15 vertex lang kit

    After getting sideswiped by a Asda lorry yesterday I'm in need of a kit to repair my car it's proving to be quite hard to get hold of though.....anyone have a good quality kit available? don't want any **** fits that need endless work or are likely to explode at the first sign of a speed bump?
  6. Jaydej

    exhaust system confusion

    hey people sorry to be a pain but, i have been reading threads all day and i cant come to a conclusion. i just want to get it clear for me and any other newbie. What fits from S14 and S14a 3" exhaust? Elbow ? Downpipe ? Decat ? Catback ? any help would be amazing! thanks
  7. N80Jamie

    Anyone have this Decat? Do they fit the S15?

    Was just about to order this Apex Decat from ebay but i know the S14 equivalent does not fit the S15. It states in the title that it fits the 13,14 and 15? Anybody ordered this product and successfully fitted it to an S15? Link...
  8. shark79

    FS: ARC Large Capacity oil pan for SR20

    Ive got a used arc large capacity oil pan for sale , its still in mint condition removed it after 10000k before selling my car. totally forgot about it. i believe they are discontinued. appearantly the pan fins on it helps in heat dissipation. they wheigh 4.5lb ,so its lightweight as well...
  9. B

    S15 gear knob

    Hi all just picked up this gear knob off ebay. It has the silvia logo etched in the top and is flared out at the bottom so it fits like the factory item, has anyone seen it before? is it a factory extra or???
  10. C

    WTB: S15 SR20DE N/A exhaust manifould

    Hi, Does anyone have S15 SR20DE standard exhaust manifold? We have SR20DE in s13 LHD and we have APEX 4-1, but it cant fit there, because of the steering on exhaust side. I know, that OEM S15 SR20DE fits there. Hopefully you have it. Thanks
  11. L

    XTD clutch

    hi Has anyone bought this clutch?? is ti good or anus? very cheap I asked the seller if it fits the silvia whit 6 speed and he say it does.
  12. W

    WTB: S15 Drivers Side Locking MOtor

    Need this asap. Please let me know if anyone has one. Not sure if the S14/a one fits the S15 or not. Did some research but no luck.
  13. B

    WTB: s15 clutch pedal unit + clutch master

    hi, i got a automatik and swap now a rb26det in it. now i´m searching for clutch pedal unit ... soo a best would be all whats required for it. or did anyone know if the s14 pedal unit fits too? thanks
  14. S

    JDM HID and Sat/Nav

    I'm looking at a car that has HID and Nav How do I tell that HID is actually genuine HID? I can't see the ballast which i think is buried under the headlight? It is JDM model but not sure V package. It also has light height adjuster below right air vent. Also can I take off that HID system...
  15. DeanS15

    braided clutch line

    hey guys does anyone know if the hose solutions 200sx s13/s14 clutch line in the link below fits the specr r s15? thanks in advance!:thumbs:
  16. S

    FS: HKS intake

    HKS intake that came with the car when imported. Far better than the mushroom type they produce. Fits on to stock piping. Brackets included. £20.
  17. Yakozan

    WTB: Nismo boss kit wanted

    I'm writing on behalf of harald200. He's looking for a Nismo boss kit for an aftermarket steering wheel. Anyone has any that fits the S15? Is it the same as the S14?
  18. S15RKM

    Adjustable suspension/handling parts

    Found this set at XS-POWER :- Fits both S14/S15 looks great value,what does everyone think?
  19. K

    Which elbow fits s15: s14 or s14a?

    As title really. Gonna get one, but need to know which to buy?
  20. K

    WTB: S15 Clutch

    looking for an S15 clutch + Flywheel with less than 40K miles on it in good condition. or if an S14 clutch fits then I might consider it. thanks, Andy.