1. chico656

    Reverse light stopped working

    Can anyone help with this? Any idea what could have caused it or what I might need to do to fix it? Thanks in advance, Nico
  2. FreakensNL

    BOV stalling fix?

    Is there any way to fix the stalling with a open bov? Can't really find anything, and don't want to recirculate.. use the throttle anti stick screw as a idle control??
  3. W

    Headlight Moisture Nightmare

    Ever since I've had my S15 (around 7 years now), I've had this stupid moisture issue that just really bugs the hell out of me and I really have no idea how to fix it apart from people telling me to stick it in the oven which is NOT an option considering how expensive these things are. I've...
  4. vinnie

    Good place for a Re map

    Hey all Few weeks back I went too Horsham Developments for my re-map. Story short she started too misfire on the dyno:( and I asked Jez too to try and fix her or at least advise me on what too do. He didn't seem interested at all and so I went home.:down: So anyone who knows a good place for...
  5. Jaydej

    Crunchy second gear

    Hey people my second gear feels abit crunchy and the rest seems fairly smooth any idea of what it could be? how to fix?
  6. 2fst4u

    2fst4u's sr20det spec S take 2!!!

    Right, build thread time. This is my second spec S with an sr20det swap (same colour and similar body kit too. Creepy). I had to get rid of the last one because I ruined the engine and was in a tricky situation of needing to move cities about 3 times in the upcoming months (I'm in the RNZAF...
  7. tooley

    FS: S15 front wings

    Don't need these any more Good nick back two holes drilled in them to hold my bumper on. Nothing a bit of filler won't fix. £40
  8. N

    WTB: Pearl white front & rear bumper & side skirts can swap with silver

    Also a steering wheel. Pm me fair prices I'm trying to fix two 15s now :(
  9. N80Jamie

    FS: Crystal Rear Lights (Half Red/Clear) + SU/DMAX Style Rear Spoiler

    SU/DMAX Style Rear Spoiler Item Condition: Never used Price: £100 Item Description: Bought from EP racing, i would be selling it for more or less what i bought it for however, there is a slight but of damage on one the corners (easy fiberglass fix) from when it was posted to me. Pictures...
  10. JaseYpk

    FS: Japspeed 50mm Rad (popped..)

    cheeky punt.... I was going to launch this into a skip, but then figured i might get a few quid for it if someone wants to fix it lol Its in good condition apart from the pop in the centre of it. cant see the hole as its in the fins somewhere, but trust me, there is one haha. RadWeld wont fix...
  11. R

    Help with why electric radiator fan starts up when key is turned to "on"

    Does anyone know why this is happening? and how i can fix it.
  12. W

    Windscreen Washer Jets Not Very Powerful

    Already done a search with no results found. When I pull the windscreen arm to release the screen wash onto my windscreen, it's so weak that it doesn't even make it onto my windscreen. Instead it just pisses onto my bonnet instead. What part could this be and how do I fix it? (Do I need a...
  13. - 0h -

    gear knob is a bit loose on the thread

    hi guys.. i got Trust gearknob ones and it seems that its loosing a bit on the thread.. how do i fix this to make it fit tight? cheers
  14. S

    CRASH!!!! need a UK mechanic who can fix it!!!!

    UNFORTUNATLY because of a stupid guy on a motorbike was driving down a one way back street... i swerved and hit a pole.... thats all over and done with... i need to find a company or mechanic who can fix my s15.... any help PLEASE!!!!!
  15. E

    New owner from UK

    hi all, just got my s15 spec s a week now. drives very good and comfort. hop can meet some people here and share some information of the 15. my car have a small problem, it is the standard oil pressure gauge, sometimes its work but not always. can anyone tell me how to fix it / where should i...
  16. H

    Toe eye

    Hi, After getting stuck in the mud tother day I released I don't have a rear toe eye or a front one I can get to. Is there anywhere to fix one to? Thanks :)
  17. H

    FMIC battery fixing

    Hi, Just fitting my Apex Type 1 intercooler and have drilled the hole in the battery tray and swivelled the battery around but not sure on how to fix it back on again. Will I need to drill any holes to fix it in again? Thankyou :wave:
  18. M

    have a problem with my speedometer

    Hi, i have a problem with the speedo since couples of months ago. It started to stop sometimes but now it definitly dosen´t work. Anyone know what´s the problem and how could i fix it? cheers
  19. K

    AFR Problem.

    So, I went to a dyno day today. Got awesome power (IMO) for what has been done to the car. BUT, there was a problem. My afr's are out of wack. Attached is the dyno sheet and I'm on the verge of detonation (so the dyno guys say). Starts at 14.5 on the left and to about 12.3 on the right of...
  20. D

    Fix fuel cut?

    Hi! As some of you know. I have a problem with my car. Check here: Now I wounder. How do I fix fuel cut no more?