1. R

    WTB: 2x Work emotion CR Kai flat bronze 17"

    Hey, I'm looking for 2 work emotion cr kai in flat bronze 17", if anyone has a pair and dont want them pn me ✌
  2. vinnie

    FS: Work Emotion 18" D9R brand new

    My new rims up for sale Price is £1050but open too offers There custom fit and brand new, sizes are 18 x 9.5 & 18 x 10.5 in black Will include RED centre flat caps
  3. A

    What is this?

    The wire coming from the sump plug? I undid the plug with a spanner & now the wire is fkd. Could it be for this gauge? the battery is also flat now. :cry:
  4. T

    car not running properly

    I was out for a drive yesterday and I dropped it from 6 th gear to 3rd and when I hit 4rpm the car felt like it hit a flat spot and didn't want to give anymore. The car feels like stuttering when you try and push it .
  5. Jay

    opinions on th xxr522?

    what do people think of these? i just ordered some flat black ones in 18x8.5 front and 9.5 rear http://www.xxrwheels.com/xxr_522_19.shtml#
  6. D

    New to site from cork, Ireland

    Hey, bought a spec s up the country with two s15oc stickers on it so said I'd look it up since buying its being converted to turbo courtesy of an s14 donor car will throw up a project thread if I can, where????? maybe someone knows the car [/IMG] Have been flat out buying bits for it since...
  7. Fruitbooter

    How long have you left your S15 un-started for?

    My car has been off the road since the end of December now, I started it a few times but up to date its been about a month without being started and the battery is flat now. How long can I safely leave the engine without starting it? Will it be okay if I don't start it and it takes...
  8. Havoc

    Urgent! Dual mass flywheel skimming help!

    Hello! I'm getting my dual mass fly wheel skimmed and the guy doing it doesn't want to touch it untill he knows if it suppose to V tp the flat surface evenly from the centre and outer edge of the flywheel! Pr if its suppose p Be flat across the whole surface. Because in order for it to be flat...
  9. H

    FS: Spec r 6 speed gearbox for sale

    Hi, i have a standard s15 6 speed box for sale, 100k but working perfectly when removed. £450.00 Buyer collect or arrange own courier as i'm flat out working at the moment. I'm based in south wales in the blackwood area.
  10. A

    opinions needed! cars been keyed

    hi guys, my bonnet, boot lid & drivers side (they even had a go at the glass luck the tint provided some protection) has been key'd then 2 days later someone backed into the drivers door:furious:. this actually happed little while back cars just been sitting in the shed, during this time being...
  11. A

    Battery / Electrical issues

    Hi All, Can anyone give me any advice about how to check if my battery is knackered?? Basically have found since having my car that if it is left for 2 weeks say whilst i am on holiday that I come back and the battery was flat.. In late 2008 i therefore swapped out my battery for one of these...
  12. W

    Rattle On Right Side Of Steering Wheel?

    Guys I've noticed theres a really annoying rattle like a piece of wire is rattling against the plastic as when I put my hand there it's gone. I noticed that on the right side of the steering wheel right behind it theres like a little opening enough to get a flat headed screw driver inside to...
  13. I

    problems @ WOT

    ok, had my car for about 5months now and it hardly gets driven hard, 3/4 throttle max when overtaking otherwise 1/4 throttle most of the time. anyways, my mate asked if he could take it for a spin, i said ok. off we go, i was in the passenger seat and god does it feel different, feels like i...
  14. D

    Hello Everyone

    Hello guys and girls, Thought i'd sign up so i can learn about S15's! I'm currently driving a peugeot 106 gti, but looking to upgrade to a S15! I'm a complete novice when it comes to S15's so would like to know all about them! I'm looking to spend about 7k to get one, would that get...
  15. J

    Flat as a pancake day

    Guys & Gals, where's the best place to order a battery from :rolleyes: Mine's dead after 6 weeks off the road. I charged it for 6 hours on Saturday and took the car on a 300 mile run on Sunday but this morning, it's flat again. I can only assume it's not holding its charge very well :( I...