1. A

    FS: S15 Genuine Aero Front Bumper + Fogs

    For Sale; S15 Genuine Aero Front Bumper + Fogs Bought off Mike85, pains me to sell but needs must, in good condition bar some minor scratches. £800 (no offers!) + postage (collection from RH5 6RA preferred!!) This is back up for sale; unfortunately due to personal reasons I was...
  2. B

    FS: S15 front fogs and grilles

    In excellent condition Pete Northwest 07917 697564 £50 posted Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. H


    fitting my FMIC I had to remove the fogs which has left the front with gaping holes in the bumper, i think i could quite easily remount the original fogs but space further out to the opposite side of the gaps, but after a quick PS I'm split on it: they will be functional although i fear the...
  4. Jaydej

    Which fmic

    Hey all Im looking to buy one however I want to keep my fogs anyone reccomend what ones I should go for I know autobahn one works but is there any other?
  5. jinli

    Yashio Taillight fogs mod?

    Hey all, I've fitted the yashio lights on my s15 a while back, but without considering it doesn't have fogs! I cut the wire from my standard one, so is there a way to solder it to one of the yashio's LEDs? Was thinking of using the unused brake light on the wing as a possible easier alternative...
  6. Jaydej

    Guide to fitting fogs on a s15

    Firstly I would like to apologise as I want meant to go really into detail but I got carried away doing more then one job at the same time so. Missed out some pics but this should still help. Also some of the pictures aren't the best as I now and again remembers to take a picture. but here we...
  7. Jaydej

    fitting front Fogs

    Hey people, doesnt anyone know what you need and how you fit front fogs on a S15 that doesnt have them, with the stalk that has the front fog button? thanks
  8. Max

    FS: S15 Spec R Seats and Front + Rear bumpers + Fogs

    Thread merge Delete please?
  9. S

    WTB: Fog light surrounds

    as above, i need the bits that fit in the bumper round the fogs. one is blanked, the other has a hole in for the wmic. anyone got any on an old bumper :P
  10. D

    FAST help!

    I am after the following part numbers for a '99 JDM Spec R in pewter: (as the local nissan dealer seems to be having trouble in FAST) - front bumper grille inserts (for standard front bumper with fogs) - 3rd brake light (internal) - rear spats/pods - gear knob Thanks in advance, d.
  11. Darren_S15

    Front Light Wiring / Fuses

    For some strange reason whoever had my car in Japan decided it was a good idea to go for the ultimate chav look. When I turn on my sidelights my front fogs come on, there are not even any bulbs in the sidelight holders. This means that whenever I want my lights on I have to have my front fog...
  12. D

    areo front and FMIC.....

    WITH fogs!! so, it is possible!!!
  13. kimi

    FMIC with fogs

    So who said the fogs dont fit ? My techy friend chris fitted my fmic over the last week, but he was scared on cutting my bumper so my other half Mark did it today, He was armed with a dremel and a flapwheel :wack: he had to do alot of cutting around the intercooler, however around the...
  14. Nicely

    Dash fog indicator

    Noticed when I was changing bulbs in the main instrument dash unit that I had two redundant warning indicators. One for HICAS and the other for a fog light. Tried a bulb in it with the front fogs on, but it didn't work. Anyone have a working one?