1. S

    Misfire and unknown electrical issue

    Hi all, My Silvia has recently developed a strange problem. It misfires and runs on 2/3 cylinders all the time its running, except when the key is turned to the off position or removed, it will then run normally for about 3 or 4 seconds before dying. I have checked that im getting spark on...
  2. S

    Open Event: Fuel Fest UK

    Event I am involved in,would love to have s15oc.com there as a club, if ye would like to enter as a club just pop me a message or for individual entries also. Any questions just ask. More celebs there I just can't say who at the moment!
  3. C

    Weird issues with my 15

    The car sat for a long time. I started to get it up and going again and it wouldn't start. It wanst getting fuel to the rail. I changed the pump and it's getting fuel to the rail but still wont start. But before I go to crank it over this happens The engine light blinks really fast and...
  4. JDM_virgin

    Another running rich post

    Finally got my wideband fitted this weekend and the results are: Warm idle (800rpm) 11.8-12, cruising 3k ish-12, mild acceleration (half throttle on boost) 13.5-14.5, WOT 10.8-11.1 but right up at 7k i have seen 10.3 Mods so far are walbro 255, FMIC, 3"turbo back with decat, boost controller...
  5. C

    Car Cut Out, Now Won’t Start

    So my S15 is being ****. Driving home with no issues. Near mine the revs dropped and went to cut out, I clutched and revved and it revived it for a few metres and cut out at the junction. Managed to start again and go 50 metres and wouldn’t start. It’s got a Sigma keypad. Pressed the first...
  6. H

    Fuel pump issue

    Looking for some advice. I changed the fuel pump a couple of months back. Ever since then the pump can’t supply fuel the the engine when the gauge shows 1/8th on the fuel gauge. No fuel light shows. Before I changed the pump I could drive till empty and the fuel light would show at around 1/8 on...
  7. K

    Fuel injector cleaning and testing

    Could anyone know or recommend any company which does fuel injector cleaning and testing please? Thank you
  8. S

    FS: complete fuel system - Border rail fuel rail, Sard 850cc injectors, Sard FPR + lines

    As per title, selling my complete engine bay fuel system including Border racing fuel rail for Black top SR20 and Sard 850cc injectors, Sard FPR and fuel lines as I'm going down a different route. looks like this one (couple of post down): fuel rail install for sr20det - Hardtuned.net Rail is...
  9. H

    Fuel pump fuse location

    Anyone know which fuse is for the fuel pump (I assume it in the drivers footwell?)
  10. Unberivable

    Some driving questions

    So after doing some driving and a bit of research, I have some questions regarding how your S15s are on the road regarding gears and fuel economy etc. My S15 is the Japanese spec r. When driving down the highway at 100km/h (about 60mph) what gear are people in? I usually am in 6th gear, but it...
  11. oilman

    VP Madditive performance chemicals at Opies

    Hi all VP Racing Fuels are a big deal over in the States - A household name and recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalogue of nearly 70 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. As you can imagine...
  12. Unberivable

    Fuel sender replacement (or fix) help

    Hi all, So my jdm spec r s15 has a fuel sender that's not working. It always sits at empty with the fuel light on even when full. I narrowed it down to the fuel sender by sticking a wire into the connection of the fuel sender (to the gauge) and the gauge went up. The problem however is getting...
  13. FreakensNL

    Nistune tunes SR20DET

    He fellow S15 owners, I've just starting using Nistune and would love to have some comparison material. If you are willing to share please let me know :notworthy: My mods: -Stock turbo (T28BB) -3" Turbo back -Pod filter -FMIC -EBC (17 PSI) -Splitfire coil packs -AEM fuel pump -Iridium 7 plugs...
  14. A

    hesitation under acceleration

    I think something bad is going on with my engine, can anyone suggest what it might be? The car starts fine, runs fine, but sometimes if I floor it from like 60mph it accelerates but judders/misses?/hesitates, it doesn't seem good, so I go off the power. I thought maybe I had something in the...
  15. J

    WTB: Fuel Gauge sending unit

    I am looking for a Fuel Gauge sending unit. I am not sure that this is the name of it in English, but when I start the car the light is on that it is empty and also the indicator stands on empty. But the tank is full... Is there anybody who can help me? Or can anybody tell me what the problem...
  16. NICKO

    Fuel Lines

    Has anyone on here run new braided fuel lines? just got a few questions about it really :nod: 1. what do you use to secure the lines to the underside of the car? 2. what route do you take to the top of the tank? 3. what size lines? 4. what do you use to fix the braided lines to the tank cap...
  17. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out 5: Tein Tie Rod End / Cusco Front Strut Brace / Top Feed Fuel Rail

    Having a garage clear out of all the parts I have built up over the years for my S15 Build. Now with a change of direction all my parts are available to you lucky guys! All prices include UK Mainland Recorded Postage/Courier. Available to Ship International please contact me with full address...
  18. S

    FS: Denso (SARD) 550cc injectors sr20det and nismo engine mounts

    Removed from my s14, fully working just upgraded to 740's. Part number 195500-2240 Was running 360hp when fitted Comes with stock fuel rail £150 posted Nismo engine mounts £65 posted
  19. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top feed fuel rail, Tomei ras

    Hi guys I am now going 22vet with my build so I won't be able to use these parts . All parts are brand new Mazworx top feed fuel rail, comes with injector dynamics id850's and all associated hardware to fit this with the oem inlet. Ie fuel rail, o rings, pigtails, adaptors etc I paid over £600...

    HELP? Having a nightmare

    So the car had what seemed like a misfire to me , Was wanting to uprate the coilpacks anyways so fitted new plugs and updarated coilpacks. This did not solve the problem . So I fitted a new Z32 afm , Car then decided it didn't want to start and the fuel pump wasn't priming , Fuel injector...