1. pegliobaglio

    where do you put yours???

    hi guys, just bought myself some defi's and was wondering where everyone has put their control unit?? i cant imagine ever really needing to use the functions on it so was considering just whacking it in the glove nbox,just interested to see where everyone has put their and if you actually use...
  2. D

    turbo timer speedo fault

    I have recently installed an HKS type 1 (2008) turbo timer on a '99 JDM S15. It has been connected directly to the speedo signal and functions correctly - HOWEVER the needle on my speedometer no longer functions! I am at a loss, as even the odometer still works. Has anyone had a similar...
  3. Nicely

    Future Forum Changes

    I'm going to be updating the forum over the coming weeks. There will be a better looking main site structure and the forum will be moving onto a more comprehensive BB package. I would like your opinions please. It will either be the vBulletin or Invision BB software. Both do very similar...