1. W

    need pic! Please..

    someone ripped the sticker off my fuse box under the bonnet, so i am begging for a few pics of YOUR fuse box diagram. my ABS is being weird so i want to locate the relay for this and check it. so if you would be so kind and post up pics of your fuse box cover so i can see what it says i would...
  2. J

    Fuse problem ;HELP please

    does any one know what fuse is for the 2 inside lights in the car,i know where the fuse box is but what exact fuse,,thanks in advance
  3. MrSilvia

    s15 Fuse Problem

    Good day. I have a problem with a fuse slot at the bottom right-hand side of the driving seat. This particular fuse always get burnt although I have chanced it. In result, my power windows cannot work. So, does anyone has this sort of problem before? Does anyone knows what is the problem? My...
  4. japmadlad

    little help.

    I popped a fuse for the back lights while wiring up a rear fog for the MOT. pulled what I thought was a spare 10A fuse from the bottom left of the board in drivers footwell to replace it with. Lights are all working fine but now I have no clock & the speedo isn't working. the rev counter & fuel...
  5. R

    Sidelight Fuse

    OK.. it looks like I've blown my sidelight fuse. everything else seems to work but not the sidelights. I've taken a look at the fuse box diagram (the link in the useful threads doesn't work, but this one does http://www.mys15.org/S15_Tech/s15_fuse_diagrams.pdf) and there's no fuse labelled for...
  6. G

    Boost Gauge Fuse

    Guys, Any idea S15 stock boost gauge (piller mounted) light shares a fuse with the meter cluster lights or it has a saperate fuse on its own? :confused: Thanks.
  7. Topper

    12v Ignition feed in engine bay

    I need to find the above for my thermostat control for the fans, anyone any idea what i could use? I looked here - http://download.s15oc.com/s15_fuse_diagrams.pdf, could i use a wire from the Rad Fan fuse?
  8. S

    Where is the ABS fuse

    I cant read japanese:no: So could anyone tell me where the fuse to the ABS is?;)
  9. G

    Brake Fuse Problems

    jus had the aero spoiler fitted 2day, incl the brake lamp on the spoiler. the garage that did it says the brake fuse went but it was workin when i drove it home, now im back and the new fuse has blown aswell. any idea why? cud the fact ive 4 brake lights be the problem? (1 rear window, 1...
  10. Robbyp

    ABS fuse

    If i pull this out at the drivers footwell fuse box will it have any nasty lasting effect other than disabling the abs and will it work when i put it in again?!
  11. D

    fuse box on s15

    hey all i was just wodering dose eny one have the lay out of the fuse box in the car and the onw in the engine bay casue i dont have one and i dont know what each of them do ??????? thanx
  12. A

    Parker lights.

    Hi all, I replaced my parker lights (the wedge looking things) about 3 months ago. Now all of a sudden both of them have stopped working. Maybe both of them have blown... but i thought i would ask whether there is a fuse for the parker lights. :wave:
  13. J

    S15 fuse diagrams

    hey - in need of it..where did that thread go..?!? hehe thanks!
  14. P

    how to disable airbag.

    Hi, im entering D1NZ on this Saturday and just in case, i wanna disable airbag so in case of crashing, it dosent blow. Is removing the airbag fuse good enough to disable it? If I crash and if i wanna put fuse back in, do i need to check the sensors before putting the fuse back in?