1. TimmyT

    Fusebox Loom R/LAMP relay

    Hi! I have 2 fuseboxes here. They are identical except the R/LAMP relay. One has a Wire (green with a red line) that goes from the relay into the 15A fuse. The other One has 2 of these Wire where 1 go to relay and 1 to the 15A fuse seperated. Someone knows whats the diffeence here is? Thanks
  2. H

    Fuel pump fuse location

    Anyone know which fuse is for the fuel pump (I assume it in the drivers footwell?)
  3. S

    WTB: In desperate need of some fuses

    So my heaters stopped worked earlier today and I managed to completely destroy the 100a male PAL fuse in the engine bay fuse box. Not only have I destroyed that one but I was hoping to replace the two yellow 60a fuses so ideally need two good condition 60a fuses. Anyone have any 1 male PAL...
  4. Mycool


    Hi all - basically iv came across something really odd today with my s15... My rear plate bulb had blown so i ordered some new led bulbs for it, fitted them & they still wouldnt work - so i automatically thought maybe there not working because there led, so i went out & got some normal bulbs...

    HELP? Having a nightmare

    So the car had what seemed like a misfire to me , Was wanting to uprate the coilpacks anyways so fitted new plugs and updarated coilpacks. This did not solve the problem . So I fitted a new Z32 afm , Car then decided it didn't want to start and the fuel pump wasn't priming , Fuel injector...
  6. L

    Trying to save a tired old 15. Having a few wiring related (I hope) problems

    Hi guys I'm in the middle of trying to resurrect a pretty tired looking S15 from a hard life & ran into a few problems I'm hoping you may be able to help with. Car was originally a spec-S that was them converted to a turbo, at which point the loom was hacked up pretty bad, was then bought by a...
  7. JDM_virgin

    WTB: s15 fuse box or nissan part number

    Afternoon guys and gals looking for the fuse box located inside the car in the drivers foot well, only need the fuse box not any of the fuses/relays/wires. Alternatively the nissan part number. I have looked on RHDjapan, JDMgarage uk and cant find anything. There are 3 s15's being broken on...
  8. JDM_virgin

    Auto electrician

    Basically my car has been in a garage for 6 weeks and now the garage are getting the hump the guy who is trying to fix it can't and that my car is taking up space so looks like I'm getting it back still broken! So this is a cry for help lol, if anyone is or knows someone who is a good sparky and...
  9. fez06

    s14 silvia interior light fuse keeps blowing

    i know its an s14 but someone may have a clue whats happening. iv just bought an s14 silvia and noticed the interior lights didnt work, also noticed lots of blown 10amp fuses around the car. iv checked the fuse and its blown tried another and that blew straight away. iv visually checked the...
  10. Nickichi

    Electrical Relays

    Does anyone know the ratings for each colour group of relays used under the hood? I was thinking we could record it here for future use but I've just pulled a small blue one (Part number 25230-79945) out from the Fuse box in the engine bay and I know from testing its fed from a 30A fuse so im...
  11. J

    Battery not charging?

    Hi, is there a fuse anywhere for the alternator? Battery doesn't seem to be charging :-(
  12. B

    Central Locking Fuse

    Hi guys - do you know which fuse the central locking runs on? Problem is my passenger side has stopped working, doesn't open from the alarm remote, nor the drivers door button or using the key in the drivers lock. so it's not both central locking units, just the passenger, does it run on a...
  13. John-

    First problem!

    Cutting a long story short, my windows keep not working, blowing fuses every time. I have found that engaging reverse blows the fuse. Another interesting thing is that the drivers side window is still working with the fuse pulled where as before it didn't, and only the drivers side window works...
  14. O

    Speedo not working

    Ive recently bought an s15 and doing some bits to get it on the road. For some reason the speedo doesnt work, i was told it was working before but i dont think its ever worked. Im tracing the wires an came across this box new the footwell fuse box, can anyone shed any light on what this...
  15. M

    Hid headlights

    Hey dudes, just wondering where u buy your oem HID headlight bulbs from. Iv been to halfrauds n they want 90 quid each Akso anyone know what type i will need nt had a chance to pull old one out. Also its blown the fuse for the l/h headlight so is this likely to be the bulb or shuold i try...
  16. M

    indicator fuse blowing

    as in the title. i put a 20amp fuse in it just to see whether one of the blubs had blown but none of them have but the right hand side indicators are dimmer than the left hand side. any ideas?
  17. tooley

    WTB: S15 Arch loom ( i know its a long shot)

    My loom is well ..... shagged! ive repaired it to many times and now my headlights dont work!! Not sure if water has gone on the back of the dash well fuse box to so may need it from that point.
  18. XTension

    Switch off Airbag? How to?

    Hi, I´m doing some drift/track time next month, and i´m thinking if it´s easy to switch the airbag off? Like a fuse or something ? Thank you for your time Cheers XT
  19. Joeh

    S15 Passengers Mirror - Motor

    Hi all Sorry for bombarding with my issues :( My passengers electric mirror is not functioning - does it run under a fuse or anything? I've tried the mirror from the drivers side on the passengers side and that doesn't work either - I've tried the passengers mirror on the drivers side and it...
  20. M

    On\Off switch for ABS

    Im thinking about putting the abs fuse in the footwell of my s15 on a switch so that i can turn it off and on as required. Has anyone ever heard of any damage occuring to any part of the car (the abs module for example) by removing the fuse?