1. C

    WTB: S15 Fuse Box & Loom

    Long shot but in need of an S15 footwell fuse box and loom? Thanks guys.
  2. LuPix_S15

    Guide: Installing Ignition Kill Switch

    Ok folks :) Just thought I'd write up a guide of how to install your very own S15 ignition kill switch. These babies are generally used on motorsport cars which go one step further and have complete electrical kill switches from inside and out to meet racing safety requirements (FIA regs etc)...
  3. S

    Electric Mirrors not Working

    Hey guys i think ive blown a fuse for the side mirrors. Can someone please tell me which fuse is the one for the side mirrors. Thanks :)
  4. S

    help needed with s15 lighting :(

    Hey guys, Coming home last night i pulled into the house as normal and went to turn off my lights.... turned them off yet the sidelights, and dash lights remained on??? wtf? haha anyways to try prevent the battery from dying overnight i systematically went to remove each fuse until i found the...
  5. S

    Lights not working

    Hey guys, i currently have no lights in my dash, rear tail lights or my parkers when my car is turned on. I think i have blown a fuse but i am not 100% sure. I was just looking at the pin out diagram of the fuse box but i still aint 100% on which fuse to replace. Can someone please help me out...
  6. B

    Varietta convertible motor problem

    anyone with a varietta???my roof stopped working, the top won't go down, i checked the fuse all good. anyone know how to reset the motor? thank you
  7. S15AK

    ABS fuse required

    Hi Guys, Only just noticed why my ABS hasn't been working, I'm missing the fuse that goes to the ABS/ACT socket. So where can I get the pinky coloured 30amp type fuse from? Looked in an S14 and they are different, I'm hoping Halford or somewhere will do them.. Cheers
  8. crazymat666

    ABS problems :S

    right heres the situation i just removed the abs fuse from the footwell and the breaking it loaaddss better no judderin or locking up etc just hard breaking finally :) but the speedo is run threw the abs so i have no speedo so the fuse is back in for now lol. there are 3 fuses 1 in the...
  9. crazymat666

    ABS FUSE where is it??

    im trying to find the ABS fuse i take the cover off but theres nothing there which indicates which 1 it is. i wanna take it out because at high speeds the abs kicks in to hard and causes the car to slide a little which is quite dangerous for my liking lol.so i wanna see if that will cure it for...
  10. N

    Passenger window and sunroof not working?

    Right, after my car being off the road for more than a year doing various modifications along the way I have found out that the passenger window and sunroof are not working...? They wont open or close? I think it may have blown fuse so I have looked over the fuse diagrams to see which one it is...
  11. S

    Installed turbo timer, car wont start

    Just blew the fuse. thread can be locked.
  12. W

    VVT Fuse On Spec R (1999)

    Where abouts is this fuse in the driver footwell? Just need to double check to make sure my VVT is working ok as my boost builds too slow until 4.7k. Already checked for boost leaks, cleaned the AFM, tested with Lambda disabled, replaced actuator with a HKS one, tried with EBC off, etc.
  13. A

    Horn Not Working

    Hopefully it's not a hard fix, my horn is not working. When I press the horn you can hear a click in the engine bay. The horns are both connected via a single wire each (the wire is red and black so I'm assuming its power/earth in one)... also looks like it has an oem plug connection on the end...
  14. TriniGT

    Need some Fuse Box Wiring Help

    Hey need some help. I am fitting the Spec R Main Wiring into my S14.5 and some of the wires have been cut and I will need to get connectors and have them wired back in but seeing as I am swapping in an RB26DETT I wanna see if it makes sense doing them if I don't need them. What I need is pics...
  15. TriniGT

    Differences between Spec R Turbo and Spec S Fuse Boxes???

    Does anyone know of any differences between the Spec R Manual and Spec S auto Fuse box and wiring? I have both setups but the Spec R setup has seen better days so wondering if to just use the Spec S auto setup. Can anyone confirm before I manually go an check?
  16. S

    Sidelight fuse question.

    I jumped in the car last night to pop out. started her up, turned on the lights…. HIDs came on, nothing else. No rear lights, no front sidelights, dial cluster, heater controls. Nothing. :cry: Question is, are the interior lights linked to the sidelight in respect of the fuse...
  17. B

    warning chimes

    hi guys now iv had my s15 for about 2 months and the warning chimes are giving me the sh*ts - the ones where your door is open and the stereo is on or your lights are left on or whatever. is there are way to stop this? a fuse perhaps?
  18. S

    help radio trouble

    help radio hasn't worked since i bought the car two weeks ago fuse was gone so replaced it an it blue strait away. to find out if was anything else on same fuse causing the problem ran fused wire strait from battery to back of head unit an still blue instantly. any of you guys got any ideas or...
  19. J

    Urgent fuse problem,,Help!!!!

    well guys fitted 5 gauges to my car friday night and an aftermarket steering wheel and bosch kit saturday,i noTiced sat night the two spot lights on my bumper wernt working niether were my tail lights9break lights are working) or my dash lights.checked my fuses and the fuse for these keeps...
  20. J

    180sx headlight motor fuse help??

    got a lazy eye kit relay switch off the internet at the weekend but when i went to wire it today.found out i have to figure out which is the live and earth in the fuse as there is 5 tits which i can plug it into . please help