1. B

    WTB: Spec-R Wanted

    Looking to own my first Spec-R in the near future, I've been keeping an eye on here, SXOC, eBay, Pistonheads and the usual outlets to no avail. I've most recently been browsing the Japanese auctions in the hope of finding something a little 'different' out there. Interested to know what people...
  2. I

    hello from sweden

    hey guys, im new here, and i think ill need help from you, in future :) so,this is my silvia
  3. Rich

    New member & future owner from Staffordshire!

    Hi all, Thought I would introduce myself as a lover and future owner of the S15 Silvia. I'm based in Staffordshire and enjoy my car shows so hopefully will meet some of you in the future. I also already have a good friend who is a member on here already so will undoubtedly convoy to some...
  4. A

    How to find out what FMIC you have?

    I don't think theres anything up with mine but its the only part on the car I don't know what make or model it is. If I needed to replace it or the piping in the future, would any kit be a perfect fit or would knowing what this one is be the best thing? Ive had a look but cant see anything on it.
  5. T

    Newbie from Ireland

    Not a silvia owner as of yet but currently in the market for one...been checking various sites etc not sure weather to import fresh or buy an irish market car but the future will tell.... Currently driving an ae111 so looking forward to the change in drive and power..Will use this site for...
  6. B

    Hello from Devon

    Hi, Guys and Girls. I thought i would introduce myself, as hopefully i will be spending a lot of time on here in the future. I have wanted an S15 for a long time now, but i thought it would be sensible to get an S14A first as it seemed a lot cheaper car to get used to RWD and initially buy. I...
  7. Fruitbooter

    Show me your...

    No! Not that...you've got a dirty mind! :no: Interior! I found a thread with a few piks in but it would be nice to see some updated photos. I was looking for inspiration on where to put gauges in the future etc..also just swapped my double din for a single so was looking for ideas for the...
  8. M

    Hi all, s15 owner in a month or 2!!!

    hi everyone, just starting to get into the import scene, all my mates have s2000's and 2 of my mates drive s15's, drove one a few weeks ago and fell inlove. now im out shoping for a s15, i dont wanna rush into it, id rather look around till i find one that screams BUY ME NOW! thanks for reading...
  9. S

    WTB: Info on S15 Type R

    Looking to buy or import a Type r in the near future can anyone tell me anything id need to no bout them thanks!
  10. M

    Power FC D-jetro or FCON iS?

    Which do u think is the best for S15? PFC D-jetro or HKS Fcon iS? Basicly i'm daily driving my car and sometimes drifting. Will target around 430ps in the future. Which ECU would u guys recommend me? I i'm flying off to aussie tomorrow, so might catch up with u guys 1 week later.
  11. D

    Hey all :)

    Hi folks, Just thought I would say hi to you all, I've been in love with the S15 for a long long time and hopefully will chop my IS200 in and pick one up in the near future :p
  12. DeanS15

    evolution foundry

    just so people know the stuff this guy sells is really good quality, he manufactures polished stainless fuse box lids, spark plug covers, brake reservoir and power steering covers and is hopefully going to be producing more in the future when i send him some templates ie. slam panel, fan air...
  13. P

    good bye and cheers

    :(well the day of reckoning is apon me, I will be biddding "Blue" a sad fairwell as I hand the keys over to her new keeper Poggy this friday. I loved this car more than most i've owned but saddly its on to pastures new as i need 4 doors and a boot like this... I just like to thank each and...