1. D

    Nuts and bolt Kits

    Hi, are there any nuts and bolt kits available for an S15 Spec-R? I would like to have a good assortment of nuts and bolts in my garage, or would a general kit from a hardware store do?
  2. F

    Clean PS13 at Torque GT

    Hello all, not an S15 but wondering why this hasn't been scooped up? Seems like an alright price for a stunning example. I love the S15 over the 13 and 14 but still, that has to be appreciated no? If I could afford the insurance and had a garage, I'd probably go for it. Nissan Silvia PS13...
  3. vinnie

    FS: Garage Mak rear Bumper

    Right up for sale is a super rare Garage Mak Rear bumper, this is genuine and not a copy, Waited months for this, only reason for sale, sold my silvia :sorry: Price is 400 pound but open too offers, Rear fog light is included.
  4. B

    Anyone had dealings with Yamato imports garage

    Was wondering if anyone has baught from vining salhotra Facebook page is Yamato garage imports. liked a car he is selling but can't see any feedback worth speaking about.
  5. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out: Tein Tie Rod End / HKS SR20DET Cam Pulley Exhaust (NVCS)

    Hi Guys, Since the sale of my S15 I'm having a final garage clear out. All up for grabs before getting listed on ebay. New Tein Tie Rod End. S-Body. Had one shear so had to by a pair to replace it. So have one spare. Good spare part to take if using these on a drift day and the inevitable...
  6. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out: S15 Air Vents x 3 & Passenger Air Bag

    S15 Passenger Air Bag Hi Guys, Since the sale of my S15 I'm having a final garage clear out. All up for grabs before getting listed on ebay. S15 Passenger Air Bag. Was Removed from a 1999 model and has been sat on my shelf in the garage for a few years. £25 Collected Bomsgrove...
  7. B

    FS: Cosmis Racing Wheels brand new 18x9.5 / 18 x 11

    **************************SOLD*************************** Set of 4 brand new boxed Cosmis Racing Wheels XT206r Bought 2 sets of these but decided to use a different size I believe these are the last 11 inch in bronze in stock with Cosmis Europe until summer Front 9.5x18 ET 10 Rear 11 x 18 ET 8...
  8. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out 4: GReddy Copy Radiator Breather Tank / Driftworks Tow Hooks

    Having a garage clear out of all the parts I have builtup over the years for my S15 Build. Now with a change of direction all my parts are available to you lucky guys! All prices include UK Mainland Recorded Postage/Courier. Available to Ship International please contact me with full address...
  9. vinnie

    FS: Garage Mak Tow & Work Emotion Wheel Nuts

    Selling last few bits of my car Genuine Garage mak Tow bar £45 Work Emotion Wheel Nuts £35
  10. CMR

    FS: Spec R Standard Exhaust - Mint condition

    I know this won't appeal to them majority of people, but I know some do like to keep the OEM look on cars so this may be on interest. When my old S15 was imported, the Japanese owner put the standard exhaust in the car for me in case I ever wanted it, and it literally is almost new. In the...
  11. Auss15

    Show us your garage

    So there is a new addition to our garage, compliments the S15....:thumbs:
  12. JDM_virgin

    Auto electrician

    Basically my car has been in a garage for 6 weeks and now the garage are getting the hump the guy who is trying to fix it can't and that my car is taking up space so looks like I'm getting it back still broken! So this is a cry for help lol, if anyone is or knows someone who is a good sparky and...
  13. tooley

    FS: Driftworks low seat rail.

    Hey, i have 2 driver sides rails and I need to sell this so I can buy a passenger one instead. like new. I will get some pics soon as it's currently raining and windy so I'm not venturing to the garage! I will add pics tomorrow :) £100
  14. D

    WTB: S15 Catback 3''

    Hey guys, I am looking for a reasonable priced 3'' catback for my S15 but can't find any. I have tried a S14 catback but this won't fit at all. So does anyone has one left in his garage/ shed? Please let me know! Cheers.
  15. Nissan_S15

    Neighbour threatened me and my S15 :(

    So long story short, I travel to Bournemouth every week from Reading to attend uni and have been doing so for the last 2 and a half years. Since summer holidays a new family has moved in two houses down from me in Bournemouth. Now every Monday morning at 7.30am I return to my house in...
  16. S15_SAM

    To go for new job or stick with current one??

    So the scenario is, I've been at my current job for 10 years. I'm a vehicle technician and when I first joined the garage it was a TVR dealer and Subaru import specialist. It was great work with amazing cars. 10years later and a lot of cutbacks, we are a ford service agent and only dabble in...
  17. J0R04N

    Garage D 6 Speed S15 Gearbox Strengthening ( Circlip Fix)

    Have final managed to get a price from Garage D and breif details of the modification :) They have tested the strength of the gears and found a few of them to be weak so these are replaced for stronger ones. Also the common circlip problem has been modified using a solid ring to prevent that...
  18. M

    ATTN: Aussie members.. Anyone know of a good tuning garage between mackay and Cairns?

    Hey guys, This post is for the aussie member particulaly the North QLD members Looking for a decent performance/tuning garage between Mackay and Cairns.. Cheers guys
  19. Mike

    Another white 15 in Yeovil?!

    The old people at work insist it's a 15, I havent seen it myself but they see it at the Vauxhall garage almost daily! White, S reg, "says Silvia on the back" thats the description they give me! Anyone?!
  20. D

    Dammsys s15 spec r

    First decent pics of my s15, ill update as i do bits and bobs- first time out of the garage for a while