1. C

    Something badly wrong with my car, Help!

    Happened about 3 months ago, as I accelerated away from a roundabout I heard a loud bang like something had snapped. Now I can put the car in any gear release the clutch and the car won’t move there’s a small rattling noise coming from the back of the engine/clutch area which you can only hear...
  2. T

    WTB: Standard gear knob

    Any one got a standard gear knob for sale? Hit me up!
  3. N

    WTB: spec r 6spd gearbox parts

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to rebuild my gearbox in the US, and Im in need of these parts if anyone could point me in the right direction; either with part numbers or a vendor that would have everything. Ive tried nengun but i'm not able to confidently confirm with their diagram which part is...
  4. R

    High RPM because of wrong gear

    Hey guys, I was driving on the highway yesterday at about 120 kph in the 3rd gear. I wanted to change to 4th but hit the 2nd one and the rpm climbed to 8100 (according to the avcr) The engine has full power and runs smoothly, is there anything i have to worry about ? Thanks
  5. mixvariety

    WTB: Lots of interior bits

    Hey guys, The interior on my new 15 is pretty tired looking in places and I want to sort it out, so I'm after the following; - Centre console and gear shift/stereo surround - Door cards - Mats - Drivers seat As per my other post, I'm also looking for a rear quarter drivers side window. Let...
  6. H

    WTB: S15 interior parts

    Hey, I'm looking for the following bits for an s15. Closer to Glasgow area the better, would prefer to pickup if possible S15 steering wheel S15 gear knob S15 gear gaiter S15 centre console S15 radio surround Left and right lower dash pieces
  7. H

    WTB: S15 gear knob

    as above
  8. Unberivable

    Some driving questions

    So after doing some driving and a bit of research, I have some questions regarding how your S15s are on the road regarding gears and fuel economy etc. My S15 is the Japanese spec r. When driving down the highway at 100km/h (about 60mph) what gear are people in? I usually am in 6th gear, but it...
  9. T

    gearbox noise

    Hey guys I got the following problem: when I start the engine, put it in gear and give it a slight rev I get a bit of a grinding sound. It does this in first and reverse with the clutch fully pressed down (i haven't tried the other gears yet). But the thing is it only does this after I start the...
  10. F

    WTB: gear knob wanted

    Would prefer an good condition oem one but may consider other nice gearknob a , thanks
  11. N

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Black TE37's Good Spec 66800 Miles 9 Months MOT

    .............................S15 is Now Sold...................... So, It's now come to the time for me to put up for sale my S15 that will be hard for me to let go of having owned it for nearly 9 years from 05/2007 with one previous owner when it was imported from Japan in 08/2006. The car...
  12. s15Irl

    FS: Drivers side head light, centre console, leather gaitor

    I have a few bits to sell drivers side head light brackets were broken but repaired lined up fine. . Passed nct/mot €120 plus delivery ono Radio/ gear surround, I bougth this to spray and fit to my car, never did and won't be now. It has a small piece filed away on the left was to fit a car...
  13. Lil SpecR

    WTB: WANTED Gear Gaitor plastic trim thanks to heavy handed alarm fitter :(

    so apparently the guy who fitted my alarm was heavy handed :( the plastic part that attaches to the bottom of the gear gaiter and fixes into the console has had ALL its clips broken, so does anyone have one for sale? Vgc oem or may consider aftermarket custom gaitor so long as the plastic trim...
  14. W

    WTB: S15 Gear Knob & gaitor

  15. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Engine Light and gear changes

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Couple of questions that are not related to each other. Two birds with one stone and all that :p Question 1 I pretty sure this is down to the cold weather but i suppose i want to try to clarify exactly what it is that does this. Recently, everytime i turn the car on, i...
  16. jake

    FS: S15 bits need gone ASAP

    Doing a rb25 swap on my Nissan s15 and got some parts left I need to get gone as soon as I can to get the rb25 Sr20 det 6 speed gear box no play run well £600 Ono Hight flow rad only been in the car for about 2 week be for it was stripped £120 Opie carbon gear shelled for abs £ 120 Ono...
  17. JDM_virgin

    grinding gear box

    This has been niggling away at me since I've had the car- I have no idea why it does it and more importantly what causes it. When you start the car from cold and select either first gear or reverse (in fact probably any gear as I've tried it in second slipping the clutch) then lift the clutch...
  18. shelb

    Gear knob Refurb (DIY)

    I got this gear knob free with a gear surround I bought, It was pretty shot but I hate seeing things go to waste so I thought I would do something with it. Forgot to take some pics but you get the idea lol
  19. oilman

    15% Off Engine & Gear Oils - Voucher OIL15

    It's almost the weekend and to make it even better Opie Oils are offering an unmissable 15% Off all Engine Oils and Gear Oils with voucher code OIL15. We stock a huge selection of engine oils and gear oils from an extensive range of manufactures; Amsoil, Castrol, Castrol Classic, Fuchs...
  20. Packham

    WTB: Standard 6 Speed Gear Stick

    If anyone has their standard gear stick still, I will buy it off you as my quick shift has snapped and I cant find a 6 speed one anywhere! :annoyed: Thanks