1. Parky

    HKB bosses, anyone used one?

    I just picked up an HKB boss, has anyone ever had any problems or heard of any issues with them strength wise? Just been having a good look at it and the metal looks a bit thin in what I'd consider to be important places. I know there isn't a lot of torque put through them but I just want to...
  2. N

    Some mad plans from Germany ;)

    Hi there, my Name is Alex and I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. You may know that city ;) I'm 25 and I already owned a matte black S14 kouki and lastly a Skyline R34 GTT. Sadly the Skyline burned down in a garage fire leaving nothing but the RB25, gearbox and the whole subframe which I'm gonna...
  3. Nickichi

    Nissan Silva Shirts - Ends USA Time Tomorrow

    just found this by pure luck on FB and ordered a couple for myself XD Posting here if anyone else is interested XD http://gearheartshirts.com/products/1106345-hive-nissan-silvia-evolution-shirt-black American company but they offer worldwide shipping and Paypal checkout Was gonna stick this...
  4. L

    Need pictures of s15's with 17 inch wheels please

    I've bought a set of lmgt2's for my s15, and I'm just wondering if 17,s are gonna look to small on it, if you have any side shots of your car with 17's could you post them please, cheerst
  5. Alex De Large

    WTB: Lambda Sensor

    Anyone have one for sale or know where I can pick one up? They are on back order with Nissan and Horsham aren't gonna have them in for two weeks. Car failed MOT on emissions so looking to pick one up asap. :|
  6. S

    Anyone replaced their window screen through their insurance

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had done this through their insurance? I'm insured for it but will have to pay my excess of course I just wondered if I was gonna be charged extra due to it not being a bit of a rare car? Cheers Ollie
  7. pegliobaglio

    flashing airbag light

    Turned the car on today and the air bag light just constantly flashes,any ideas what it could be gonna check the connections under the seat and try pulling the fuse,any other ideas???Cheers guys
  8. Fruitbooter

    Side skirt clips

    The yellow clips that push in and hold the skirt in place... Can these be baught from anywhere? Nissan? I managed to snap a few removing the skirts silly me! :annoyed: Ive had a quick look online but I think its gonna have to be Nissan for £££ and hope they are the right ones..or I might try...
  9. pegliobaglio

    widebody fitting cost.....

    Hey guys, as the title suggests I am seriously considering getting a full widebody kit fitted to my car,originally I was just gonna change the bumpers and skirts etc but after looking around there are some really hot widebody kits about,just wondering if anybody had a rough idea of fitting costs...
  10. pegliobaglio


    Any of the importers on this site let me know roughly how much I would be looking for a white ek9 in mint condition with low mileage as I am gonna be selling my fn2 to get a daily runaround and really fancy one of these !any info would be much appreciated thanks
  11. M

    looking for thread sizes on the filler caps

    hi folks i need the thread sizes for the oil, brake fluid, and power steering filler caps im looking to get a batch of the anodised caps made next week when all the other orders are completed. gonna get the correct sizes 1st though help would be great, otherwise im gonna have to ask to...
  12. adz87kc

    Anyone used Pow-r before?

    Just wondering if anyone has used Pow-r before? Was gonna order some spats off them but never used them before. Heres the link: http://www.pow-r.co.uk/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=256
  13. andeep

    Open Event: DWYB Wed 14th April

    Anyone else gonna be going? I've got my ticket booked :thumbs:
  14. pegliobaglio

    Standard diff

    Hey guys,as the title suggests was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a standard s 15 diff from?? the car i bought has a load of nismo goodies on it including an uprated diff ,but i have decided i am gonna be using it more on the road than tracking it now so looking to change it back...
  15. M

    Any silvias in Cork?

    Hi everybody, any mate from Cork could tell me any activity or nice places to visit around there? my girlfriend is currently living there and i´m gonna visit her in february. If someone wanna meet to know people from the forum it´ll be a pleasure.:) Regards
  16. S15RKM

    Help Lost my interest in my car

    Over the last few weeks i have lost all interest in the S15 i dont know why if I dont recover it soon then I am gonna sell it, I neva thought i would say that but its happening.:confused: What can I do????
  17. TriniGT

    Questions Regarding R32 Diff Swap

    Okay, I am slowly doing an RB26 swap into an S15. I have some questions for others that may have done a similar setup. I am currently looking at upgrading the diff to an R32 unit somplete with axles and brakes. I want to keep my ABS setup and at the same time I want to keep my speedo working...
  18. F

    Hey, not got a 15 yet...

    Whats up, names Fin, finbar or whatever. im 19 from cork ireland. id love to get me an s15:smitten:, but im gonna wait till im 20:thumbs: for now got me a 00 civic type R (ek9 the best:rotfl:) sorry for the crap pic by the way. if yal dont mind im gonna lurk around here and pick up some...
  19. paddyb01

    battery box

    does anyone know were i could get a cover or a box for the battery getting the engine bay spayed up soon and gonna spay the box too if i can get one:thumbs:
  20. S

    Where do I get the goodridge lines?

    I need one set for front and back.. Front I'm gonna convert to R34 brembo setup but I think I still can use S15 line Rear i'm gonna swap with R34 GTT full assembly so all I gotta do is convert subframe and hand cable :) easy job I guess but which brake line I gotta use? do I have to use R34...