1. JoeGumbs

    Arubian S15

    Hi guys Ive owned an S15 almost 5 months now. Did not do much to it. just an Apexi Airfilter and Goodspeed Mono SS Coilovers Long story short bought it from a guy here in Aruba for a bargain price and the car is perfect conditions few dings that came with the car but for me its okay.
  2. S

    WTB: Standard parts...

    Hi as per title i am looking for some stock standard parts If any body can get me to it... 1,standard spec r spoiler 2, sr20det coilpacks 3, aero bumper (fpr) 4,roof linear (power window) one I mention fpr in aero bumper because a guy here was...
  3. O

    Jazz's S15 from Sydney.

    Okay i have introduced myself on the introductions page but honestly wanted to keep an on going diary of my work on the car. its been roughly 8 months in already but i'll try start from the beginning :) Started off with this guy full Vertex Body kit and a random metal intake and a random...
  4. DeviouS15

    FS: Genuine Nismo R-Tune Gen 1 Bodykit for S15 Silvia

    Heres the link to the auction, let me know what you think, especially the fellas from NZ. Borrowed a couple pics from a guy named Lloyd whos a member on here... hope he ok with it. Thanks...
  5. driftmonkey

    publics reaction after 2 weeks

    ive had kids at my daughters school tell me my car is sick and just stand an stare, ive had kids shout look at those fing wheels, ive had my whole close where i live ask about this car... no one normally talks!! ive had people, grannies/dads stop and just stare ive seen 3 dogs so far stop...
  6. C

    Histoy of this?

    Hi Guys, Wonder if any of you know the history of this car, chatted with the owner, seems a very geniue guy.
  7. S15_SAM

    Lydden hill BDC, 14 April one white one blue

    Saw these two at BDC a fee weeks ago. Had a nice little drive with the guy in the blue one. Got the drive past video? Lol.
  8. adz87kc

    Stirling near Glenochil prison black S15

    Never seen another S15 on the road in my 4ish years ownership until today. Don't think the guy seen me but I was the skinhead waving like an idiot in his 306 daily driver :D
  9. R


    hey all little incident today where this guy and his kid are crossing the road on a speed bump, i stopped but this guy still felt the need to mouth at me "this is a walkway you **cking T**T and walked away, left me alittle suprised at how someone just says that to a stranger with his kid as...
  10. I

    S 15 owner from Ireland

    Hi lads new to this looking for s15 parts. I bought full standard kit off a guy who told me about this forum so decided to join.:)
  11. I

    S15 Rear clunk, thud, noise.

    Hi all, First off I am a noob and have a super thick flame suit on so please dont even bother. I recently bought a Black JDM S15 Spec R and I love it. BUT I have a problem that eats at me. At low speeds when I accelerate, change gears. I hear a thud/clunk. Its not earth shattering but its...
  12. S

    Arch rolling!

    Can any one recommend a mobile company who can roll my rear arches! Just brought some new wheels and the guy on the phone told me I'd need my arches done!
  13. L

    WTB: Boot carpet and Kit

    I am wanting a boot carpet and a new kit for my s15. I would prefer a veilside replica kit. But if i could get a kit quite cheap that would be cool. I have heard that a guy can provide them on here. If anyone can help that would be helpful. Thanks. :)
  14. Fruitbooter

    FS: Kenwood Double-din CD player

    Its a Kenwood DPX-400 Its in fab condition and produces great sound quality on my standard speakers. Looking for £60 posted. Help a poor guy out :D
  15. Fruitbooter

    Yasuyuki Kazama's Red S15 Anyone know what kit it is? Is it a gp sports kit which they dont make anymore? I really like the rear bumper, not to bothered about the front or sides! Also this car is like the hardest S15 to find piks of so if anyone has any can you please post...
  16. C

    JAE 2010 Photos

    Feel free to add your own pics to this thread. I haven't got time to edit these at the moment but they are better than nothing! Incase anyone's wondering, the guy with the black/orange t-shirt in pics 2, 3 and 4 is James (Lupix) ;) Enjoy! :) Starting with.. The Lawnmower!
  17. T

    WTB: Coil Pack

    Well turns out one of my coil pack is gone, so in need for one. or do you guy recommend just get a new one from Nissan? T
  18. S15AK

    S15 in Northern Ireland

    Hi everyone.. Needing a little assistance from the Irish lot please. I've been looking out for an S15 for ages now, and keep getting messed about by owners that are selling then change their minds at the last minute! Anyway I've seen a nice looking S15 in the autotrader but the guy isn't...
  19. S

    ecu problems

    ever since i brought my car (2 months ago) each time i start it in the morning or when the engine is cold it takes ages and ages to turn over, i always need to tap my foot on the gas. I thought it was the ecu because the guy before me said that he got it tuned to protect the engine lol. When its...
  20. S

    WTB: looking for a s15 manual in eng

    As the toppic says.. I really need a s15 manual in eng or maybe in ger.. Please help the newest guy here on the forum.. ;) Thanks a lot..