1. G

    Front lips

    Hi I have been searching for a front lip. The only one I have seen and like is the one from Honda DC2. But it doesnt seem to fit all that good. Do you guys know of any other options or if there is one that looks like the DC2 one that fits our front bumpers ? regards Gudmundur
  2. armouredsnake

    Ichigo Project phase 2.2

    Sorry guys for moving this but meant to start a new build thread for my car cause things have changed so much:rotfl: So Finally after years of not updating info on my build I will soon be updating you guys with pictures and progress of my secret build project :D I'm still real busy with work...
  3. S15_SAM

    Happy new year everyone!

    Happy new year guys and girls! I hope 2016 is good for you and your Nissan!
  4. D

    Really awesome wheels, size and offset any good?

    Hi guys, I can get my hands on a really awesome set of rims. Since my S15 will be transformed into a widebody Vertex Edge with +50mm fenders, i wondered the wheels i can get will fit the total package? Specs of wheels are: Front: 18" 10J offset-1 Rear: 18" 11,5J offset -21 Hope you guys can...
  5. - 0h -

    Fitting s15 end caps

    hey guys just trying to figure out how do you guys put the factory end caps onto the factory bumper? Thanks
  6. H


    Hey guys I'm importing an s15 and have been given the option to have the car under sealed and treated with dinitrol injected into sills and the engine bay, just wondering if you guys recomend it or know anything about it can't find much on the net. Cheers
  7. Mycool

    Full service question

    Hi guys, i'm about to fit a new gt2560r onto my 15 but whilst at it i might aswell do a full service aswell. Can any of u guys please recommend me the best oils to use? The car is running around the 300bhp mark. Cheers :)
  8. Surfing Boris

    Carbon Fibre dash dipping / wrapping

    Hi guys, There are a couple of guys near me who do dipping and I would like to do the usual of dipping the centre console and door handles etc. Can the entire dashboard come out?? If so, how easy is it to get it out as I fancy dipping the entire dashboard!!!
  9. Ajbulger

    ecu pin help

    hey guys just a question surrounding an apex power fc d-jetro avcr and the fact my loom seems to be a tad off. when going to plug it all in in theory should be straight in looked to find theres no wire for an ecu ground in the loom based on the diagram i have should be 38 ecu power 39 ecu ground...
  10. S

    Would you buy from SVA Imports?

    Hiya guys, i've found a nice S15 that i could potentially be buying, it is from SVA Imports ( ) The car looks really well maintained on the photos & looks in immaculate condition, i've read a few horror stories...
  11. Surfing Boris

    removing badges advice needed

    I would like to de-badge the rear and remove the spec r badges from the car. Can anyone advise the easiest way to do this so that (a) the badges stay in one piece, and (b) I don't do any damage to the paintwork!! Thanks guys
  12. lukes15

    s15 engine swap.... 2jz?

    Has anybody done such a conversion? i know it was done in the past on the driftworks s15, but i wondered if anybody is running this set up as we speak? or if anybody has swapped out the sr20 for any other motor? interesting to see what you guys have dropped in there, i also know david waterworth...
  13. 3

    Hey guys im new

    Hey guys I'm new Names louie I've got a pearl white silvia s15 its a bit of a sleeper, I'd up load photos but i don't really know how to any tips??
  14. G

    R33 gts brakes

    Hi guys, anyone got 33 gts calipers on the front of their 15. If so what brake lines do you have to use? Thanks
  15. I

    FS: back lights

    heyy guys, i would like to buys s15 back lights, which are good to go in eu. with eu markings.
  16. I

    hello from sweden

    hey guys, im new here, and i think ill need help from you, in future :) so,this is my silvia
  17. G

    350z calipers

    Hi guys, anyone know if 350z calipers fit the s15? thanks
  18. NICKO

    what clutch fluid

    Will he doing a clutch damper delete and having a braided line straight to the slave cylinder so will be doing a full fluid change. Just wondering what you guys use, what's the most popular and If there are any to steer clear of :nod: Cheers!
  19. B

    colour code help!

    Hi guys! can someone help me to find this colour code? thanks
  20. B

    colour code help!

    Hi guys! can someone help me to find this colour code? thanks <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>