1. powizzle

    Turbo Upgrade

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of upgrading the factory turbo to a bigger unit. I was looking at the GT2871r 52t (aka GTRS) as it seems to be a direct bolt on. Are there any other turbo setups that you guys could recommend (maybe 3071R)? The car is daily driven, and i've been hitting up a few...
  2. S

    Hi guys :d

    hi guys, names chris (spanner_monkey) or just spanner new to this forum, but im a member of dc2-itr and (check this out) from kent, in the UK. Im a mechanic by trade, have always had a massive interest in cars and engines, got a newly found passion for jap cars, it all stemmed from...
  3. K

    LCD car stereo help

    hi guys just bought my s15 but didnt come with stereo system. could anyone recommend me a good lcd touch screen with navigation. thanks guys
  4. tooley

    How many s15 guys were at japfest?

    How many s15 guys were at japfest? Saw a few obv saw littelton, Sliding R and cad cars there
  5. DeanS15

    Meet: will there be a summer meet this year???

    just wondering guys, last years summer meet was great (if a little far) and it'd be great if there was anything in mind for this year too..... thoughts??:)
  6. S

    S15 JDM - Adelaide Australia - Hi Guys!

    Hi guys, is Darren. I've had my S15 for about 7 months now. I'll get to the details below - I'm a huge sports car addict, I've always owned them but have always had a mature outlook on the cars (love them just being clean without huge wank factor etc). I'm 29 in July so I guess...
  7. J

    WTB: Coilpacks

    Hey guys, im after a coilpack or two, let me know :) thanks
  8. Mange

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Spec R

    Hello guys my name is Magnus and Im from Sweden, I know there are alot of uk guys hanging around here so I thought I'd pop the question if any of you know a good car that I would be able to buy. I've dreamed of a S15 spec R for a while now and I'm going to the UK in mid may to buy one.. I...
  9. K

    exhaust sytem help

    hi guys im new here and currently purchasing a yellow jdm s15 ive been looking around forum and seeing that ces front/dump pipe is good so im purchasing one. i know this may sound stupid but what other components do i need for turbo back exhaust system? im still learning alot so dont flame me...
  10. A

    Hello all :)

    Hi everyone names Andy and loving the website ;) Looking to buy a new car and seriously considering buying a s15. Can i get some good points and bad points if any in the cars. general maintenance ect service times also cheers guys.
  11. Surfing Boris

    Meet: Crooked Chimney Pub near Welwyn Garden City

    Hiya guys, I have posted on here a few times, i'm a massive fan of the S15 and jap cars in general having owned an FTO for some years and been a member and meet organiser on the FTOOC. I have just become the manager at The Crooked Chimney Vintage Inn Pub and have seen a number of photos...
  12. the doctor

    apex intercooler

    hey guys I am buying pieces for swapping int sr20det but I need some info of some pieces! above the battery is a part that I do not know. does anybody know what this is because it was not connected with the purchase?? even at the apex intercooler are some pipes that I can not identify I...
  13. NICKO

    WTB: Z32 maf

    Im after a Z32 air flow meter and plug for my S15 if anyone has one gimme a shout :nod: cheers guys :wave:
  14. lvaleiron

    deal on a powerfc d-jetro unit

    Guys, i'm getting a VERY sweet deal on a power fc d-jetro unit with all the bits needed to be able to run it (map, intake temp., controller...) and would like to know what you guys think about it. Basically, i have all the breathing mods (fmic, intake, complete exhaust, manifold, 550cc inj...
  15. pegliobaglio

    electronic boost control opinions

    Hi guys, I am gonna be looking for a boost controller soon and was just wondering what controllers people are using and would recommend or avoid,as I don't really know where to start ! Is it worth spending the extra and getting a blitz or hks controller and advice/opinions be much appreciated...
  16. S

    s15/which mods should i do first?

    Hey guys, I really need some good advice I just got a JDM s15 specR silvia done 110kz, all its got is: Greddy Front mounted Intercooler Greddy Electronic boost controller Turbo Timer Full 2.5 Inch exhaust (some bodgy exhaust setup) EVERYTHING ELSE IS STOCK AS A BLOCK OK, so i want to do some...