1. Lil SpecR


    I know everyone raves about Horsham BUT is there any where midlands or North anyone can recommend? I commute 180 miles a day going South and tbh the thought of having to make that journey THEN some toward London puts shivers down my spine haha, going North makes me smile :love: Obviously if...
  2. Recky

    Hey Guys from Australia!

    Hi guys, bought my S15 in October last year with 115,000km on it. Relatively stock apart from a turbo back 3 inch exhaust, K&N panel filter and body wise some 18x8 generic brand wheels and a spoiler. As like most people I've got some pretty big plans for it, it's just a matter of funds haha. At...
  3. Lil SpecR

    Open Event: JapFest 2.... Is there a club stand?

    As the title says - are we as a club organising a stand for JapFest 2? Notice its moved location, used to be at Donny but I would like to go anyway, if there is a club stand you guys are my first choice haha :D
  4. D

    G'day from syd.

    Figured get this over with first So sold my black liberty a while ago after spending to much on it haha. Due to peer pressure from mates with chasers and skylines. http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o186/cdawesy/Mobile%20Uploads/DSC_0002.jpg And purchased this from japan which is currently...
  5. K

    Johns Black S15 From Australia

    Hello! Ive been a lurker on this forum but i decided to make an account and join in. Im all the way on the other side of the world from Melbourne Australia. Anyways i hope most of you people are kind on this forum haha ^___^ Ive also got a forum elsewhere but i guess ill update one thing at a...
  6. Jay-pan

    My new jap motor....

    Well after selling my first S15 i knew it was a mistake and decided to get another one but didn't seem to feel the love like i did for my first one so sold it on after putting a fortune into it and went on to getting what i have always wanted to own!! Its a 2002 Bayside Blue R34 GTR V-Spec...
  7. L

    New owner..... Sort off

    Hey guys, so I've had Torque GT on the case of getting me an S15 for over 4 months now and I finally won this beauty last night [emoji41] She's done a little higher mileage than I would have liked at 47k miles but it's been well looked after from what I've been told. Comes with the normal...
  8. JDM_virgin

    borrowing a standard ecu

    Ok, this is a massive long shot but here goes. I have a small niggling feeling that my ecu is that cause of my problems (i haven't discussed this with my auto electrician) but i dont want to go and buy one if its not that...soooo Would any very kind sole LEND me a spare ECU if they have one or...
  9. JaseYpk

    I want a Varietta :(

    So, hello guys, I've come out of hiding (been working in a different part of the world with limited internet for the best part of 7 months. The Volvo S40 D5 is doing me proud, but god it's a boring drive compared to my S15 and BMWs i've had prior. So, instead of buying another S15 as i've had...
  10. JDM_virgin

    black s15 at SCS tyres in dartford

    As in title, my friend saw it whilst getting his tracking done. Slammed to the floor with about 10 degrees of camber haha
  11. M

    My first nissan silvia S15 JDM market! :D hope you like

    hey guys! new to the club! live on south coast NSW but in sydney and canberra often, wannna do cruises and track days with you lot names Chris and just thought id show off my new pride and joy let me know what you think! some Mods are Drift BOV (unsure how to make it stop the fluttering...
  12. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    best exhaust for s15?

    Hey guys I need to know what some of the best exhaust and mufflers are going by loudness and great sound. want one real loud haha
  13. JaseYpk

    Letti, the non jap, non rwd BEAST... :/

    So you're all aware my car has been written off a few times, but this time was the last, so sorry guys. If you want it as a project, keep your eyes on CoPart's website within the next few weeks. I havent accepted an offer from the insurance company yet as the offer is too low (£5,500), so we'll...
  14. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    problem with jacking up car

    Haha I have a problem since my cars so low and the kit that I have on the front my jack can't even fit under to jack it up what do I do?
  15. JaseYpk

    Goon in his DC5 (funny video)

    Nice DC5, shame about the loony driving it haha. http://vimeo.com/25640454
  16. dave_t

    Fruitbooter @ ASDA, Wolverhampton

    Was behind you in the Blue CLK Convertible, navigating through the idiots in the car park haha looked and sounded beautiful :thumbs:
  17. J

    is this diff correct?

    hi, is this the correct diff to fit in my casing? http://www.driftworks.com/forum/parts-sale-private-sales/154666-f-s-kazz-2way-casing.html thanks :) ive been after a 2way for ages now haha
  18. J

    rear diff.

    is this diff any good? http://www.driftworks.com/forum/parts-sale-private-sales/158435-nismo-pro.html#post1930773 as you can tell i can know f*** all haha
  19. JaseYpk

    Thermostat - best place to get one?

    Hey, so i think i may need a new thermostat, although not 100% sure. But i've been told theyre cheap and a simple replacement job. So, where do you get one from? Your local nissan dealer? or is there a cheaper/more efficient place? Also, in the event of sounding stupid, where is the thermostat...
  20. M

    WTB: SPEC S front bumper in uk URGENTLY!

    as above! i mullered all my bodywork at awesomefest haha.