1. paddyb01

    bonnet release handle

    The plastic handle broke in the 15 anyone know if s14 ones are the same?
  2. J

    FS: OS Giken STR2CD Twin plate clutch and flywheel - Brand new in box

    Selling this as i never got round to fitting it and am now looking to sell my car. The STR range by OS Giken are sold as having an OEM pedal feel while being able to handle 550-600hp http://osgiken.net/products.php?product=strseries Also includes the release bearing £1000 collected from...
  3. Lanyard

    FS: Carbon fibre door trim (effect - not real) Super rare

    So I'm just importing a beautiful S15 and it's got carbon effect interior door handle surround and grab handle trim on it! This isn't to my taste but I've not been able to find anyone or anywhere that sell these... So it must be a crazy Japanese thing?! I have no idea what these should be worth...
  4. S

    FS: Garage Clearout, s13-s14-s15, ca18-sr20det, Apexi-Sard-Mocal-JDM

    Finaly got around to clearing out my garage! Prices exclude shipping. collected prefered (portsmouth area). Random sandwedge plates and sr20det vvt plate with defi/greddy oil temp sensor - sensors a bit mangled but works) JOB-LOT £20 Random catch can with drilled and tapped m18...
  5. J

    WTB: front bumper bumper retaining bracket.

    anyone got one :) and a bonnet catch with the wire and handle :)
  6. D

    bonnet stay s15/s14a

    mines missing should a 14a one be the same. If anyone has one laying around i could do with one. I cant carry a broom handle everywhere with me when its up and on the road
  7. Adam L

    FS: S15 ORC Single Plate clutch kit

    I was going to fit this but decided not to In the end as I didn't have the time. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with pictures. the clutch Is In pretty good nick and will handle 400bhp, so the asking price will be £300 plus postage.
  8. L

    FS: S15 boot and the Nismo spoiler

    Now then chaps... After much thought i've decided to stick with the spoilerless boot and as a result i have the other boot taking up space. The boot itself is in excellent condition in pewter grey. Comes complete with silvia badge and the hole for the lock barrel. Attached to the boot is the...
  9. sniffy

    WTB: WANTED: drivers mirror, drivers door handle and fuel flap!

    Hi All, Im looking for a drivers mirror electric one, drivers door handle and the fuel filler flap the square metal part in white if possible but any colour considered. any help with finding these parts would be great. Thanks for reading. Simon
  10. crazymat666

    what spark plugs to get

    hi im looking to up the boost in the near future and im preparing everything for it and want to know what type of plugs to get which are the best that will handle it like heat range as i dont understand what thats all about any help much apreciated :)
  11. B

    WTB: wanted driverside

    Driverside Door handle wanted.. would be ideal if in blue..
  12. mook

    Shortening the handbrake handle

    Is it me or does the handbrake handle seem needlessly long? I'm thinking about taking a good couple of inches out of it, possibly more, and just wondered what the best way to go about it would be. I'm guessing it would want the 'chunk' cut out of the middle somewhere and the end welded back on...
  13. Y

    Need an uprated clutch ASAP!!

    I have rung DB power and Driftworks they dont have them...Driftworks has a conversion flywheel but it can only handle stock clutch. Where can i get one delivered within the week?? Any Comments appreciated guys!!
  14. B

    Will it break?

    Afternoon guys, Thinking about fitting a GT2871 to my new S15, had this tubby on my S14a and loved it, spools up very quick. The only thing which concerns me is "will my clutch / gearbox be able to handle 350/360 bhp". I had no problems with running that power on the 5 speed S14a box with the...
  15. TriniGT

    S15 Six Speed Problems

    Hi there I saw in a couple of posts mention that the six speed box is stronger than the five speed found in the 13 and 14. I also saw that the issue is with the circlips becoming loose and causing damage. I am living in Trinidad in the West Indies and currently have an S15 that I am upgrading...
  16. S

    How to make the 15 handle like its on rails?

    Hello fellow 15 owners, as i can see from the members spec section i can see a lot of you have quite a bit of handling mods done to your car and i want to know has it significantly improved the handling/control of the car? These are the specific areas i really want to get to know: - which mod...
  17. kimi

    Help needed please

    Hi guys :wave: I've got a couple of little dents on my drivers door around the handle, i have seen my local dent removal guy,who said he could do them but he needs the door handle taking apart to get to them. i have taken the door card off but got really scared by the lock / handle :eek...