1. japgarage

    Coilovers latest and greatest

    I'm in the market for real quality coilovers, mainly for street use so comfort is important. What are people running and recommending from experience ? Im currently driving on CS2's and they are far to hard for the driving on Irish roads. Thanks in advance!
  2. H

    VVT help

    Wondering if someone had any ideas, my car is a 3a so should be fairly quick. (2871, 555cc etc) However yesterday I drove a 2a 14a which highlighted a few issues with mine. Mine is missing a huge chunk of midrange, actually when I think about it it's not performing across the entire rev range...
  3. O

    S15 rare parts

    Hey I'm on here looking for some hard to get parts and help with my new S15 project
  4. A

    super tight screw I cant undo.

    I want to get that metal panel off behind the glove box to change the polen filter but theres 1 screw that is really tight, the screwdriver doesn't get enough grip even if I push hard & its starting to mangle the crosshead. Any tips on how to get it undone?
  5. FreakensNL

    Petrol RON 95 vs 100

    Hope this is the right sub. I really want to know what is the difference in (ecu, tune) between 95 and let's say 100, is it just a bit of timing adjustment? I run 95 cause 100 is super hard to find here, I want to boost to 1.0-1.2 bar Can stock maps handle 95 @1bar? (With fmic, etc)
  6. phillll

    Removing front wings for loom tuck...

    Any pain in the ass bolts or hidden bolts in order to take these off? Going to get it done in the week and wondering how hard it is... Hoping for a simple and quick job tbh! thanks all :)
  7. L

    Cheeky Question before I buy

    Morning guys, I really want to get an S15 imported and I've got the money needed now. The one thing stopping me calling torque gt up and putting my deposit down is I've never been in one to get a feel for how they drive/ride etc. I know it's a bit cheeky asking but would any of you guys be...
  8. M

    Hello from across the northsea

    Sup Guys, I'm Michael and i'm from the netherlands. Driving around in an S15 for about 5/6months now. Imported her completly stock/virgin and now its time for a change!! joined here so i might get some goodie's from other owners and also to check out what you guys are doing/did to your rides...
  9. S

    Reduce turbo lag or get a smaller turbo?

    I've got my S15 up for sale and have had some viewings. The downfall so far is the turbo lag. I currently have a PTE 5858SP which going off what I've read online falls between a GT3076R and a GT3582R in the Garrett family. The boost doesn't kick in till about 4k rpms. Everyone that's driven it...
  10. crazymat666

    Lag or??

    So if I put my foot down slowly it pulls fine but if I go straight down it still goes along but takes a while for the turbo to come in. I'm guessing this is lag? Running around 14 psi and have a big intercooler and hard pipe kit. Am I right? Oh also the turbo is basically a few months old so...
  11. Mike

    Things I've just bought.

    We can't come up with all the good thread ideas by ourselves can we. Post picture/s of what you've just splashed your hard earned on, maybe it's stamps or a new set of pistons.
  12. S15Cro

    WTB: Apexi Turbo Timer Harness

    Anyone have one lying about or know of anyone that has one? I don't fancy hard wiring it into the ignition loom. Cheers, Gary
  13. 8

    Hello from USA California ..........>>>>

    Hello every one,,,,, i have a 180sx type x with a s15sr20det am looking to buy a s15 but really hard to register in USA :( any one from USA ?
  14. S

    boost hose

    I been driving for a while now without realising that i got a boost leak. I felt bit of power loss so i went to check around, I found that my hose from the boost gauge keeps ripping. Ive put it back on and it keeps constantly ripping off? this happens when i go hard on it. theres always a tear...
  15. M

    Movement in gearbox?

    I am a noob so probally something really obvious but i can never find what im after with the search button. It only started recently but under harsh acceleration sometimes the whole gear stick moves to the right and stays there and makes it hard to get into 5th when in this position. Randomly it...
  16. J

    WTB: Hard plastic outer door seals

    As above, im after a pair of fresh condition hard plastic outer door seals (not the rubber inners). Mine currently have bits flaking off and look a tad crap. Ta!
  17. pegliobaglio

    hesitation when cold

    Right chaps wonder if anyone can help? I took the car out a couple of days ago and all was fine,then yesterday took it out again and was a weird hesitation when the car was warming up,felt like it wasn't engaging the power properly,kinda hard to explain. Felt breathless and juddered a little ...
  18. J

    WTB: spec s parts

    need drivers side headlight... driver side rear quarter window mayb a bonnet 2 finding these hard to come by
  19. S

    Silvia lover from MALAYSIA

    Hi everyone, Im silvia lover (die hard S15 fan) from Malaysia, and nice to meet all of you, Im still searching for my Silvia and hopefully will get one soon! :D
  20. - 0h -

    about the Boot lid

    just curious to know if you want to swap the boot lid, for the boot lock, do you just take out your boot lock and put the lock into your new boot lid? and is it hard to take it out? cheers sorry if i'm being noob here...