1. 1

    Just got an s15:) help with insurance

    Hey guys Just like to say on Wednesday I will be the proud owner of an s15. Looking forward to joining this Nissan game. (Il put some pics up soon) Just wondering who are the best people to go with for insurance? Just phoned greenlight who hold my current policy on my old car and they wouldn't...
  2. R

    WTB: need rear quarter panel any help?

    had a nice incident with a wall and the back end is now pushed in and been told i might need a new rear quarter panel. Does anyone have one or know where i can get one? I live in hampshire if that helps at all. thanks Rick
  3. Parky

    Clutch recommendations please...

    I'm planning on getting the S15 up to stage 3a by this time next year, and am wondering about uprated clutches that are man enough for 350bhp-ish, it's for a 5-speed manual. I'd appreciate it if any of you fine folk could provide me with a few options of what's available, don't want to go...
  4. S

    evo 5 seats

    Looking at buying some for my 15. Anyone know if they fit? Are they a pain to get in and require welding or fairly simple. Any helps appreciated :)
  5. V

    What's needed for an IVA test

    Morning guys. Does anyone know what a freshly imported S15 needs doing to it to get through an IVA test? I've got a document stating what is inspected during the IVA but I have minimal knowledge of the S15. All helps is appreciated.
  6. J

    Nissan Front Lower Brace *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hi Guys We have just received new stock of our Nissan Front Lower Brace This item Fits The S13 S14 S15 models Made from lightweight tubular aluminium to reduce weight and powder coated to eliminate corrosion. Features: * Helps reduce understeer. * Fully TIG welded. * Increases body and...
  7. W

    RLTC Installation

    Hi guys just wondered if the procedure was exactly the same as fitting the RLTC to an S14a? My version is the one with the digi adjuster with built in launch control if that helps. Searched through the threads on this forum but no luck so thought I'd post up.
  8. S

    Upgraded Downpipe

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get the above (if they make them. Its the pipe that comes from the turbo elbow to the cat. Is it larger in diameter? Any helps, thanks. Keith
  9. S

    power fc setting

    hello i have a power fc But I have not found who programmed my computer modifications are: intercooler front exhaust 3''regulatory pressure gasoline, benzine walbro pump, air flow z32. Helps if one of you who have the power fc pass the same information to my computer thanks very...
  10. S

    HICAS - what is it?

    I have the above on my car and from my understanding it helps with steering. Is this right and is it any good to have on the car? Cheers, Keith
  11. S

    Vented bonnet

    Do those bonnets with vent really helps for any reason? I know lifted bonnet hinges doesn't work but I heard that reverse vent in the middle helps the temperature down. Any legit source? What about vents on sides? One facing front and the other reverse vent?