1. J

    idicator blue ring

    hi lads am wondering will a s14 indicator canceling ring work for a s15 any help would be great cheers
  2. W

    WTB: S15 Fog light indicator stalk and relay

    Hi all looking for a fog light indicator stalk/switch and relay please pm me if you have one for sale
  3. R

    Left hand side indicator not working?? the right one works

    Hi as above, it is not the bulb because i have bought new ones and tested them so whats up? heeelp please :p
  4. I

    Hi there, new owner in Southampton

    Thought I had better introduce myself. I'm Geoff and I am the new owner of roots82's Silvia which some of you may know. I have had the car for nearly 24 hours now and absolutely love it, have been wanting an s15 for about five years now but have been in training at work so promised that I would...
  5. JaseYpk

    URGENT - Lights playing up big style!!

    Ok, what i'm about to describe happened suddenly and out of the blue. the lights have a mind of their own.. A table is best to explain the funky light patterns: Sidelights on their own work fine sidelights + indicator = sidelights flashing (like hazards), left indicator flashing in opposite...
  6. LuPix_S15

    Quick Release Boss

    Hi folks, I'm thinking of getting the Works Bell RAPFIX2 - anyone had experience?? Does one version fit all so it will fit the S15 without problems? Take it I'll lose the indicator cancellation which I'm not overly bothered about but what...
  7. B

    Side Indicator remove

    hi everyone can anyone give me some idea how to remove the side indicator on Jap Spec S15 please? Some articale with picture will be great. thanks in advance
  8. L

    Malfunction Indicator Light on

    Recently, got PFC installed and tuned. But today the malfunction Indicator light came on about 2 seconds while I was driving then disappear. Was thinking should I go back to Nissan dealer to check the error code? or leave it as now it not comes on again. Are they be able to find out bcaeuse I...
  9. meddler

    instrument cluster lights

    Guys, This is a bit of an odd question, has anyone got a picture of their instrument cluster with all the indicator lights lit up? I would like to see what light is where. Specifically the fog light indicator and also what are spare holes (ones that don't do anything). Due to mine being an...
  10. J

    Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

    Hi guys, I'm new here, I have some problem with my S15 and one of my friend suggested posting question up here so.. here it goes.. My car was fine until last night, but then this afternoon, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) came on and stayed on. My engine was running rough and then ok then...
  11. Nicely

    Indicator Relay

    Can someone with immediate access to their S15 please go and take a look at the indicator relay for me? I need to know how many pins it has and, specifically, if it looks like this (not red). I think its in the footwell fuse box.
  12. Nicely

    Front Indicator Bulb Type

    As it says. To save me having to go and take it out to check. Anyone know the bulb type?