1. W

    WTB: S15 coilovers and air filter

    Hi looking for s15 coilovers and a induction kit new or used.
  2. W

    Induction kits? Hks or apexi?

    Going to get a induction kit anyone know what would be better hks or apexi. Also is it just a matter of bolting it on and off ye go? Thanks in advance
  3. Nissan_S15

    HKS Air Filter question!

    hey guys, just got a HKS super flow induction kit with HKS filter installed about a month ago. Been great so far. However today when I went to open my bonnet to check the washer fluid, some water stuck in the bonnet vents splashed over half the HKS filter :( So just wondered whether I should...
  4. Nissan_S15

    FS: *Rare Parts for sale* ARC Super Induction Pipe & Apexi Induction Kit!

    Hey Guys, Got a couple of parts for sale as I recently had a new HKS induction kit fitted and I no longer require my ARC induction pipe, as my S15 will be up for sale soon, due to a newly purchased Toyota Supra 2jz project ;) So the first part is a rare ARC Super Induction Pipe, which I have...
  5. Nissan_S15

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 HKS super flow induction filter - NEW!!!!

    Hi guys, For sale I have a brand new HKS super flow induction filter, one of the best money can buy. Will be a direct replacement for your current induction filter. Pickup or postage welcome!!! Any questions regarding the item, please feel free to message me!!! Looking for £79.99 or...
  6. Nissan_S15

    HKS Super Power Flow Induction Kit for S15

    Hey guys, Just purchased this HKS super flow direct induction filter off of ebay, as I thought it was a bargain at £80. I had a read up about it prior to purchasing and it seemed like an improvement over the standard induction filter. I'm looking to fit it to my Non turbo Spec S S15, which I...
  7. S

    Induction pipe work

    So as I'm awaiting my new turbo, I'm going over things that I may need to buy or alter. My current turbo has a 3 in inlet and my new one is a 4 in. Would it be fine to just use a 4 to 3 in coupler or is it best to get a 4 in induction pipe? Obviously getting the coupler would be cheaper, but...
  8. R

    s15 silvia

    Hi i'm looking for a pod filter to replace my old one which didn't make the induction noise. I don't wan to install metal piping because i've seen pod filters make the induction noise with just the normal rubber pipes. I currently have this pod filter this pod filter didn't make the induction...
  9. vinnie

    FS: Japspeed induction Kit

    Hey Ive upgraded my induction kit to an Apexi so my old induction kit is up for sale. As the title says it a Japspeed one and i bought it this year and done about 2000miles if that. Also it comes with the adapter plate. Very easy to install and increases bhp. There £39.99 from Japspeed so i...
  10. pegliobaglio

    support bar/bracket for induction

    hey guys,am fitting my apexi induction ,just wondering if you need a support bar as i have seen some fitted with and without??? thanks in advance:thumbs: just found a fitting guide,would i be able to get away with just the bar underneath?
  11. pegliobaglio

    air induction box anyone interested??

    Right chaps,I want to get a box to fend off the dreaded heat soak,as we all know there isn't much in the way of induction boxes bar the fairly expensive apexi box. But I have found a company in australia who do a box to fit our cars,they are made of tough polycarbonate and come with spacings to...
  12. T

    WTB: Apex'i alluminuim induction box

    As per title, im after an Apexi alluminium induction box. What have you got people (feast, im looking at you)?
  13. J

    cant get full boost when car is hot

    hi ppl, have an issue with my boost at the moment. when the car is hot the boost is very weak only .5psi and.7psi after 5000rpm. and for some reason it just feels weak. as if there is hardly any boost I think its the actuator which is acting up. but does anyone think its down to a lack of cold...
  14. G

    s15 spec s

    hi guys i have been a honda driver for yrs . i've just bought a s15 spec s n/a for going to work,due to that i do lot of miles. would like to know any mods like exhaust, induction kit ,4 branch manifold etc.
  15. LuPix_S15

    GROUP BUY: Carbon duct/heatshield for S15 induction filter

    Folks :wave: Just been chatting to Jeff at EP Racing about getting a group buy sorted for a duct/heatshield item which covers the induction filter and is made out of CF. Here's the original linky: Please can everyone register their interest...
  16. S

    WTB: 2nd hand ARC induction chamber 4 n/a..Irl

    as above any1 got one or knows where where there is one going cheapish?:wack:
  17. simon

    WTB: induction kit

    does anyone have an induction kit in good nick to fit an s15? thanks
  18. Big Ned

    Apexi induction kit

    Hi guys. Just a quick question. Would the apexi induction kit from a S14A fit on my S15? Thanks
  19. M

    Power up-grade

    Ok need help people! Looking to incress power out put on my car, in your expert opinion what mods am I looking at to get about 350bhp from my 01 s15.......cheers in advance :thumbs: As it stands...... SR 20 DET ,S15 Spec R,cat back stainless steel exhust,blitz steel induction kit,blitz front...
  20. A

    Hows my insurance quote?

    Im 26, no claims in the last 5 years, no points on my licence, keep the car in a garage, 9000 miles a year, car is worth around ?10k with a cat1 alarm Called Sky insurance.. I stated im insuring a 2000 Silvia S15 Spec R with no mods and just for me to drive, though he added that i had an air...