1. Yutaro

    WTB: 【Wanted!】ADM 200sx oem front deflector

    Hi there, I'm looking for ADM genuine deflectors! However I had never seen selling it before:( If you have these, any information, please let me know thanks Finally, sorry for post wrong category��
  2. Judd

    Anyone got information on this spec R

    Hi. I'm setting off to have a look at this soon Anyone know it or have any info about it?
  3. Johnny

    WTB: WTB: dashboard LHD for S15

    Hi I need dashboard LHD for nissan s15, I dont want dashboard from maybe You have any information where I can get it?
  4. B

    Nissan S15 Service Repair Manuals and Nissan Spare Parts Catalog

    I present here a good source of information for nissan silvia S15 Service Manual -This manual are in format PDF, very easy to use. Nissan Spare Parts Catalog - Nissan Fast 2013 Nissan Parts Catalog Software - Nissan Fast 2012 contains information for Nissan submitted for European, Asian...
  5. oilman

    Castrol Classic Oils now available at Opie Oils

    We know that many of our club members own modern vehicles that wouldn't be considered as a classic, however we also know there are a lot of forum members that own a classic car that has been restored or is an ongoing project. If this is you then you will be interested to know that Opie Oils has...
  6. B

    Hi Everyone

    Hi people my name is Ben, i am a mad JDM enthusiast and my past cars include a Civic Type R EK9, and EP82 Starlet GT. Ever since i went turbo i have been hooked on them. Last week i got the joy of going in my mates brothers S15 spec R and i fell in love with them. I am looking to buy one AS...
  7. Jay-pan

    Anyone wired in a TOAD Alarm.

    Purchased an Alarm system was going to have a go at fitting myself but was just wondering if anyones done one and wouldn't mind giving me a hand? or bit of information before i give it a go. Labelled everything up and seems okay just thrown with the door locking system.
  8. T

    Hello :)

    Hello, just going to introduce myself, i've been looking at the S15 for a while now and just want to gain more information about these machine :) I currently own a Toyota supra twin turbo. I always like these but my brother is the one buying. His selling his DC5 for a RWD fun:nod: We are...
  9. A

    Hello from Ireland

    Hello,I am just posting this because I have been looking around for a s15 spec s to buy for awhile and I think I have found a couple that I might buy but before I do I was wondering if anyone had any tips on any questions I should ask or anything I should look for when I go to look at the...
  10. R

    Race.Fi: How Japan's quake effects deliveries

    Information: Japan earthquake and tsunami Car parts and materia come second to the actual devastation caused to people's lives in Japan. Parts will be available, and what is lost can be rebuilt - the grief can not be undone. Boght from us or not, many people likely worry about their orders from...
  11. C

    Battery relocation

    Has anybody on here relocated their battery to the boot? I'm looking to so this fairly soon as I'm fed up of the battery dieing after a couple of days if I forget to turn the Infill head unit off properly, and it just doesn't look right with the FMIC pipe and washer bottle neck being wedged up...
  12. C

    Knock sensor reading

    Out of interest what should this be at - or more importantly what should this not go above? I know the theory behind the information but not sure what exact figure I should be comparing the sensor reading to?
  13. L

    Front Bar Removal

    Heya, Could someone help me with removing the front bar off my S15. As in, where bolts/clips are located. Couldn't seem to find any information on it. Thanks, L.
  14. J


    Hi all, I'm doing a project that consists in doing a car to put into the rFactor simulator, and I've chosen the Nissan Silvia S 15. I need the information that is in "0,00" in the photo. Please help me. :notworthy: Thanks.
  15. M

    RB26dett into s15

    Hi All, I would like to put a rb26dett into my s15! I would like to use this thread for everyone has done this or would like to do! What are the must important things to take care with? what does fit and what doesnt! Meybe you guys have some information threads? First question, does a...
  16. M

    Why hello there people

    Hello every one just a quick introduction to who i am, im a 24 year who loves the s15 and would never change it for the world. I am here to find out information on the car and some good mod's to put to the test. I hope i meet some cool people on here learn alot about the s15. Thanks guys and girls
  17. Nickichi

    Hi From Reading

    Just droping in to say hi I used to drive an Mitsubishi L200 Warrior but i've decedied to trade that in today and have finally choosen my car, an 2002 S15 Spec R :D:D:D:D Just wanted to say hi and no doubt i'll be asking a few question over the coming months if i cant find stuff via the...
  18. M


    Hi there! Im Marcus Im a big S15 fan and have pretty much signed up on here to have a lil' snoop for information on S15's I currently drive a 106 GTI and am a member of many forums. Ive been tempted to go jap for so long! And keep getting torn between ek9's RX7 FC's and S15s So thought id have a...
  19. S

    New Member Old Car

    Hey Guys I am Ben and i have loved the s15 for a very very long time. Then i saw one on site at work and knew i had to get one. Fortunatly for me a friend of the owner of the one on site knew he was selling it and thats all the information i needed. So i am now the brand new owner of s15tonys...
  20. S

    WTB: Consult II

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of this gadget? I can't find solid information about it on the net. Seems precious.