1. Lil SpecR

    Manifold cracked inside ...

    As above, is this a good enough excuse to replace? ;) Also looks like it's had some re work (welding) done at some point too anyway between exits 3 and 4...
  2. S

    rear pillar rust

    Hi anyone ever had rust bubbles appear on there rear pillar? Hoping it's not coming from the inside.
  3. K

    WTB: Looking for a S15 specR **cash ready for the right one**

    Hi there all, new to the s15 forum, looking for an s15 specR pretty much as soon as a nice one pops up. mileage obviously lower the better, but colour wise I'm not really fussed, as long as its in reasonable condition inside and out. PM me what you have or if you know anyone selling up =)...
  4. Unberivable

    spark plug broke and ceramic piece fell in my engine

    So, While doing a comp test the spark plug broke and a piece chipped off. the piece was about a 1/4 of a thumb nail i guess. Probably the spark plug chipped when we were putting the socket over it or something. We had to take the spark plug out because the rubber bit off the socket stuck to it...
  5. N

    Finally have my s15

    Well after waiting over 6 weeks for customs to clear the car for registration i finally picked it up today from Torque GT. Very happy with the car. Needs a few bits of bodywork doing but im happy. Been dealing with Darren since i bought the car and he has been great! I seen Mike today though as...
  6. fez06

    FS: S15 30,000km engine with goodies inside!! putting this up for a friend.
  7. W

    WTB: WTB s15 head lights

    I guys i'm new here..i'm a proud owner of a 1992 180sx with a complete front S15 conversion and the left(from inside) head lights is broken so I need an another one! i'm from Quebec city Thanks Will
  8. dave_t

    Name That Bonnet - Pics Inside

    can anyone confirm what make/model bonnet my S15 has? The only other S15 i have seen it on is this one, seen in 'The Outsiders' dvd
  9. S

    widebody rb25'd s15

    Extensively built twice widebody s15 rb25 now white evening all, its about time i started a project thread on here.. some of you may recognise the car ( it was sx-si's) he had all the front and rear arch work done.. fuse boxes moved from the bay to inside the car full widebody kit fitted and...
  10. D

    FS: Advan AVS 6 spoke 17" wheels

    Got six of these pics and sizes etc below. All in good condition, only one mark between all of them. All the offsets and tyres are a bit muddled up, but you can get a matching set of 17x8 front and 17x9 rear. 255's on the rearts and brand new, 225's for the front have loads of tread, but have...
  11. S

    Fog Lights Help

    Hey guys, I just bought some fog lights for my s15. Now these are ADM fog lights that i bought off some other guy and they have no blubs in them atm and all the wires have been cut. Taking apart the fog light, i saw two wires inside. Now can someone please explain to me why there are two...
  12. Larsz

    WTB: S15 Passengerside Headlight

    As the above. Non-HID and the original black housing. The housing on mine has gone crack and now its a waterfall inside of the headlight, looks crap and police no likey here. Helpz
  13. Fruitbooter

    Whats inside your dream garage?

    Lets say your numbers came up and you could build / buy any house and have any cars to go inside...what would you have? :) For me personally I don't like the fancy garages with expensive marble floors, 10 Ferraris 10 Lambos and no space to move! I would go for something like this :nod...
  14. M

    FS: 2007 Ford Fiesta on behalf of a friend

    Hi folks, this is a very close friends car, selling as he wants to get a Civic Type R I cannot say enough how much this car is looked after, I have to say I dont think i have ever seen it dirty! He washes and polishes it on a more than regular occasion and the iv never found anything lying...
  15. R

    S15 made by JB-Tuning

    Hello over there,here's my ride Whith RB25det inside from the netherlands,hope you like it
  16. Adam L

    Can anyone identify this part?

    I have been having problems filling up my car and went to root around the cap area and found this (below) inside. It looks damaged and was wedged into the fuel filler neck. Not a clue what it is, anyone know?
  17. S

    Taking apart headlights

    Hey guys, soo im sure everyone has seen the LED strips that Audi's have on their headlights as well as many other cars. Now i was just wondering is it possible to take apart the s15 headlights and place an LED strip inside? Also how do you even take apart the headlight, as in separate the...
  18. pegliobaglio

    Cleaning inside the headlights

    HI guys as the title suggest I have noticed over the last few weeks that I have gotten condensation on the inside of one of my headlights and it has started to look quite dull and dirty,I have seen the link for cleaning inside headlights in the usefull threads,but just wondered if anyone had...
  19. R

    Hi !

    Hello!! :wave: Im currently in no ownership of a S-body but previously owned a S13. And now im totally smitten with S15's :) Just joined up to get as much info as i can. The biggest question i have is what they are like as a drive or even to be in! as ive never been inside one. also what...
  20. seilow

    how do you do to clean up the inside of the headlight ?

    hi there i have some mark in he inside of the heaad lamp but i don't know how to do ... sooo if you know ... ^^^ thanks