1. Keifer1903

    Newbie from Scotland

    Thought I would introduce myself onto the forum, From Scottish borders but based in Ripon north Yorkshire with my job. Currently waiting import of my spec R aero s15 so registered to get involved with meets and try hunt out some mods. Already bought a aero spoiler for it. Wanting to change the...
  2. S

    Newbie from Manchester

    Hi Everyone :) I've just put a deposit down on my first S15 Spec-R. Looking forward to going picking it up soon and getting more involved around here. Sam.
  3. T

    evo8 seats

    How much work is involved and which are the best rails to get to make these seats fit/work correctly in the 15
  4. pegliobaglio

    engine mount gb

    hi guys,don't know if anyone is interested but apex are doing a gb on their engine/gearbox mount kits They are really good quality not far off the nismo mounts apart from the price!!! Get involved people!!
  5. L

    Custom front bar?

    Hello, I was wondering what front bar this is? To me it looks like it is a factory non-aero front bar but has opened the 'mouth' and installed a front splitter. Is that correct? Is there much work involved in that? This is a stock front bar: It looks as though he just removed the number...
  6. S

    Spec R rear floor bracing into a SpecS

    Hey guys, Is it a direct bolt in, or is there drilling and tapping involved? Thanks again Sam
  7. T

    Looking to get a 1.5 way LSD, need HELP!

    I would like to know what you guys are running, KAAZ, Tomei, Nismo etc. ? '' What is involved in the swap, as much detail as possible. Also if the S14 open diff aftermaerket LSD's are compatible. Thanks.
  8. Miss S15

    Im back again.

    Havent logged in for a long time but I'm back missed ye and I got a new addition lol Still have the passion for s15's! Sites looking savage now well done to all involved. :)
  9. B


    Hey, Ive got a spec s s15 and im looking to put a turbo in it.. im just looking to see what sort of money im looking at? and what is involved exactly.. i dont know much about turbos so any help is appreciated. cheers
  10. mint

    Driving in New Zeland?

    Evening all.. well morning technically now >< damm time lapse.. Ok, just been speaking to my cousin who moved over to New Zeland at the start of the year with her boyfriend. Iam heading over there next year for a month with my best friend and his brother and my cousin has mentioned organising a...
  11. I

    cars weve been involved with not all s15 though

    i belive this is kenneth moen from norways old s15 tokyo drift rx7 fortune were involved in building with various people in the uk above 2 pics is auto select ex demo car my friend in norway r32 gtr with 600+bhp who we work with on a daily basis pretty much over ?4000 in parts just...
  12. Yakozan


    Swedish company which mainly specializes on turbos (Especially the Garrett GT series) reseller of Motul oils Also sell manifolds, turbo-elbows, and other engine related bits for nissan sports-cars. If you're looking for a new turbo and don't know what would be best for you this is a nice chap...
  13. A

    Climate control and mirrors

    I was wondering how hard it would be to convert a non climate controlled s15 to one with climate control. Any one know? Also... does any one know whaqt is involved in changing mirrors to electrically foldable ones?