1. raytsang

    FS: My Vertex Ridge S15...400bhp... for sale... (Irish)

    Deposit taken.
  2. O

    Irish Mid-land newbie!!!!

    Hi guys , just thinking of joining the S15 crew after the weekend if all goes well with the price and stuff.... Looking forward to maybe attending some meets and nice to know i can get some parts and stuff from here.. For Irish people, i'm from longford, rosscommon direction.
  3. N

    hey new member from ireland!

    hey everyone, my names Niall, iv been looking on the site for a few months now and i decided it was about time i joined! I love s15s! :smitten: nicest car on the road by miles! thats why im now on the look out to buy my 1st one after wanting one for years! so if any irish members could point...
  4. D

    sr20de to sr20det swap (Irish Members)

    This is directed to the Irish lads on here!:D I'l be taking my spec s off the road after the lakes next weekend as I'l be saving to put a turbo sr20 into it. I want to put an sr20 from an s15 into it with s15bb turbo, Basically I'm just wondering how easily are these got around the country and...
  5. K

    Ignition Timing for Spec S on Irish fuel.

    Hi folks, Just baught a timing gun and checked my timing, it was at 15* advanced from TDC. I increased it a degree at a time taking it for a run and listining for detonation. Its at 18.5* now and makes a very noticable difference, the power comes in at lower RPM's and the delivery is far...
  6. B

    FS: s15 spec s

    its easy to insure Car Make : Nissan Car Model :Siliva S15 Spec S Year :99 Mileage : 100,000 Miles Colour : Blue Extras : Decat,Apexi Cat Back,K&N Air Filter,Induction,Lowered. After Market Rear Lights,SSR Light Weight Alloys. Overall Car Condition : Excellent Engine/...
  7. Miss S15

    Open Event: Any Irish Heads heading to Japfest/Custom and Performance Shows

    Japfest Custom and Performance Heading to both myself!
  8. S15AK

    S15 in Northern Ireland

    Hi everyone.. Needing a little assistance from the Irish lot please. I've been looking out for an S15 for ages now, and keep getting messed about by owners that are selling then change their minds at the last minute! Anyway I've seen a nice looking S15 in the autotrader but the guy isn't...
  9. J

    WTB: Wanted s14/s15

    well guys my mate is looking for a s14 or s15,must be in ireland and on irish plates as vrt is a rip off!!if anyone has anything for sale let me know....
  10. Trial_S15

    Round 2; Prodrift Irish Championship & Prodrift Super Series (not 56k friendly)

    Round 2 of both the Prodrift Irish Championship & European Prodrift Super Series were on in Punchestown at the weekend. It was a fanastic weekend and the weather wasn't bad either. Here's just a few of the pics I took over the weekend - figured I'd throw them up! Day 1: Prodrift Irish...
  11. subzero

    just said id share this drifting vid from mondello ireland

    it was posted on , an irish car site, and i think this vid is awesome !!!!
  12. Miss S15

    Open Event: s15oc stand at heatwave show?

    Has anyone thought of this? I'd be more than happy to help out? Think it would be good for irish members :)
  13. Miss S15

    Irish memebers charity diffing day

    Would any of the Irish members on here be interested in this? I'm hoping to have this within the next month on private property and for charity. Hopefully be doing it for the Solas centre in Dublin,which looks after kids with Autism. All are welcome to this,if ye have an idea's please let me...
  14. Miss S15

    Any irish members avialable on the 26th?

    Anyone heading to this pro drift event on the 26th? Me and a few friends are heading and are having a stand at it,already have 5 s15's going with me if any of ye Irish members want to tag along let me know!
  15. C

    hey ppl

    im from Dublin and have a s14 n/a im still learning about them so hope to get some advice here when needed. im one one irish site allready so kind of know how this works ..... well hello lol
  16. W


    Well after a Fort Knocks of a registration its finally good to get here. :wave: Miss S15 pointed me here. So shame on her for those of you who I wreck the head. lol Im Wez. I sell cars for a living & do some drifting in my spare time. Bit of an "S" chassis freak hence Im here.
  17. Miss S15

    Slickmag meets Irish members of S15OC?

    Firsly I hope this is ok with admin that I put this up,if its not please feel free to take it down! Right I've been offically instated as part of the Slick mag team,I'm in charge of the Slick meets part of the magazine. If anyone is wondering Slick is an irish based car magazine. I was...
  18. Miss S15

    Irish members

    How many Irish members are here exactly?
  19. G

    Random Irish S15

    Anyone know who owns this car in Ireland?? its the Best Looking Spec S ive seen!
  20. subzero

    Tire recommendations ?

    hi there. drive an s15 which has a fair bit of power, just wondering any1 suggest a good tire . im after something that wears well and has good grip in the wet, as she's a bit of a handfull on the irish twisty roads. was reading through previous posts but only found suggestions for track...