1. F

    Insurance issues

    Insurance issuesMe and my partner got married 2 weeks ago after been together for over 13 years and living together for 8 of those. We sold her old car roughly 2 months ago and didn't replace it straight away , her old policy ran out and now back from our honeymoon we have stared looking at...
  2. G

    WTB: S15 Spec S SR20DE WANTED

    After an SR20DE VVT to replace my broken one. Will consider any mileage / condition engine as long as it runs and doesn't knock / have compression issues. Contact me on here or on 0758 four six five 1766. Thanks
  3. gaz15

    Walbro 341 vs 342

    I ordered a walbro GSS 341 and received a GSS 342. I emailed them and he said there is no difference between the two, has anyone fitted a 342 on a s15 will there be any fitment issues ?
  4. S

    ECU power issues

    I'm having fun and games with intermittent lack of power to my Apexi Power FC. It's something to do with the main loom that goes through the firewall on the passenger side but I've not managed to figure out exactly where. However I have noticed that if I wiggle that circled black wire with the...
  5. H

    HI all

    HI everyone. I am in the market for a spec r. I'm selling my st205 gt4 and going for another car I've always wanted! I just wanted to know if there is any specific problems I need to be weary of when looking at one so I know wether to walk away or try and get a chunk knocked off if it worth it...
  6. JDM_virgin

    ECU: auto and manual, whats the difference?

    Hi peeps, as per the title. I dont know if this is an ECU in terms of like the engine ecu or if this is like a box of tricks on an automatic gearbox...
  7. N

    Import issues

    My s15 was imported using torque gt and they have been great. However i seem to be having issues with customs. The car arrived in the country on 4th april and i still havent received any paperwork so torque gt can register it. Now i was meant to have the car well before japfest so im getting...
  8. I

    Rattle noise and high RPM hesitation

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some annoying issues with my S15's SR20DET. I went to Germany a couple of days ago, and I made a top-speed pull on the autobahn (with an HKS SLD fitted) The car was running fine, but when I reached about 6300 rpm in 6th, I felt like a power drop, so I slowed...
  9. S

    TPS + Plug and Loom

    Since my turbo is crapping itself, I'll be needing to get a new one soon. I'm not sure when I'll be making my purchase. Of course the longer I wait, the more I'll be able to spend. I was thinking about just rebuilding mine, but since I don't know what brand of turbo it is, I may be spending more...
  10. S

    S15 wheel question

    I purchased some wheels from the US, but because of Hurricane Sandy, the expected delivery date has been pushed to mid December. I ordered some MB Weapons. Up front I got 18x8 w/ 30mm offset and the rears are 18x9 w/ 38mm offset. Will these bolt straight on with out any issues clearing? I still...
  11. pegliobaglio

    Ebc fitting

    Just a quick question , when I fit my ebc I'm thinking about removing the standard solenoid completely, just wondered if this will cause any issues? I don't see it would but just wanted to double check first really. Thanks in advance :D
  12. N

    So i finally took delivery.... few issues to sort out though.

    Hey guys, finally took delivery of my car...But as with all second hand imports, there are always a few issues that need sorting out. First off, I have a very very erratic idle, but it keeps the idle at about 900rpm. needle doesnt really move.. but it rough. it seems in Singapore they cut...
  13. Aurora61

    issues with ABS activation

    Ever since ive owned my current s15, ive been having issues with ABS. Almost every single time i brake, ABS activates (wet or dry/brakes warmed up or cold). Ive been trying to diagnose this problem, but cant figure it out at all. One distinctive characteristic is that the pedal seems very...
  14. I

    High mileage question

    Got a quick question about high mileage with the S15 Been having a look around and with the price I am looking to spend £8k (if I can get that for my current car) they seem to have high mileage. Is this going to be much of an issues with these cars or are the the engines built like tanks...
  15. A

    Stock JDM Boost Gauge Issues

    Anyone have any ideas why a standard JDM boost gauge sometimes reads vacuum but sometimes doesn't? Gauge will light up each time the lights are turned on so no issues there... Could be the standard boost gauge control box in the engine?? Anyone have the part number for this so I can see if it...
  16. P

    two issues 1. high revs 2. exhaust flexi size

    hi guys really hope you can help me on this one. 2 issues have arisen over the weekend and would like to know whats going on. first issue is i was driving down the road giving it some beans (private road) and i found the car revving up to 8600 revs before i thought that it should have hit the...
  17. S

    s15 confusing bits HELP

    ok first whats the plug by the left of the rad? anybody have issues with the standard boost gauge? mine turns its self off when it wants how is the speed and sencors connected and where? am i going to have issues if i change the diff to a 2way and remove the abs?
  18. G

    High Speed Issues

    Hi All, Had a go on her last night above 200km/h with my S15 buddies. Some issues came up : 1) Brakes felt like its clamping force is only about 30%-ish. Is it a common Nissan brake servo weakness? It was normal again when the speed dipped below 200km/h. 2) Power Commander injector...
  19. Nicely

    Web host network issues

    You may have notice intermittent connection to the forum over the past 6 hours or more. This is down to our web host suffering network issues. They are currently working on stabilising the situation. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  20. Nicely

    Network Outage

    There was a service outage early this morning (GMT) which meant the Forum was offline. This was due to network issues at the US host who apologise for the inconvenience. :)