1. J

    Gulf Split Rim Alloys

    Hey, just wondered if anyone's ever heard of an alloy wheel manufacturer called Gulf. My S15 im picking up this week has a set fitted and im told they are a 3piece split rim but i'v not been able to find a single piece of info on them anywhere on the net. Presuming their an easter make but even...
  2. A

    S15/GTR/ Used car currently sitting in Japan!

    Hello, Would you like to buy your favorite cars direct from Japan's Yahoo Auctions? ?It is very simple? We export low-price used cars from Japan. For more details, please email us today at: info@AccessCars.jp S14/S15: http://list1.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/2084022943-category-leaf.html...
  3. Yakozan

    Brand ranking in Japan

    Found this on Oo-parts website. Part ranking in Japan. My shockabsorbers are on second place :) What do you think? Does i seem to be correct?
  4. K

    WTB: WTB: S15 alternator

    Hey guys/gals as opic stats, i need an s15 alternator. If anyone has a spare let me know. OR if anyone knows of part numbers of aftermarket brands, could you please also let me know. Prefer new ones, but if i can't find new ones, i'm willing to get a second hand oem alternator while i wait...
  5. TriniGT

    Hello from Trinidad West Indies

    Hello from Trinidad West Indies, Updated Pics!!! Hi all I got my car about a month ago, bought it from my friend, it was imported from Japan. It is a Nismo Silvia S15 Spec R. It comes with lots of Nismo stuff that may not be recognizable, like bushings and what not. It's a dream to drive, I...
  6. Nicely

    Performance Parts Suppliers (Japan)

    This is aimed more at UK members, but applies to other countries too :) Did you know that all of the major brand performance parts that you buy in the UK can be got for much less in Japan? The savings are considerable. Few examples taken from my own experience Defi Link BF Oil Pressure...
  7. Nicely

    Nissan OEM Parts Suppliers (Japan)

    This is aimed more at UK members, but I'm sure also applies to other countries. Did you know that nearly every Nissan part that you buy over here in the UK can be got for around half the price (or more) in Japan? If you're not in a desperate hurry (the process takes 2-3 weeks on average) and...
  8. D

    Shops in Tokyo

    Hello, Would anyone know of any car shops in and around Japan especially Tokyo. I have searched and found nothing. My brother is heading there tomorrow for few days. I will probally get him to pick up a Power fc for me. Anyone reccomend anything else? Are Parts cheaper over in japan? Cheers...
  9. Topper

    *** Importers the Sticky - Please Read First ***

    In this section you will find a list of possible companies who supply cars direct from Japan to the Uk, and other countries. This is of course a risk, as you are buying from spec and putting all of your trust and money to a company you don't know. For this reason we, as a club, would suggest...
  10. Yakozan

    questions regarding Silvia S13

    In what countries was the Silvia S13 sold? I think it was sold in the US under the name of 240SX coupe and housed the highly tuned flamespitting King-cab motor KA24DE :D And in Japan offcourse with alot of engine variations. But how about Oz?? Or NZ? Maybe even the UK? Was et ever sold in...
  11. J

    Nismo Smoked Side Repeaters

    Hi, I dont make a habit of univited trading on forums and also i dont carry S15 stock as a rule so i suspect this will be a one off visit unless i buy a S15 when i sell my R33 Gtst which is seriously tempting. I was sent these from Japan in error (i wanted R33 GTR ones!) so they are listed at...