1. J

    Another one from Japan!

    What's up everyone? My name is Brian and I live in northern Japan. I've had my S15 for almost a year now. It's a blue 2001 Spec S, but I might change it into a Spec S(T). Haven't done much with it other than suspension and diff. I do have some questions that I hope some of you have had...
  2. armouredsnake

    Hi from Staines

    Hi Guys and Girls My names Keith (Keef) Half Japanese half British currently living and working in the UK. I've just managed to secure myself a new blue S15 spec R in Japan:thumbs: Its a 2001 non-accident S15 pretty much stock with an aero wing and only done 26,000km on the clock :nod...
  3. N

    New user from australia

    Hey guys new on here though i would say hi, have a 99 JDM s15 we just imported from japan. specs and pics in members ride area http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?6361-99%60-jdm-s15 Thanks
  4. JaseYpk

    WTB: Silvia Rear Emblem/Badge

    I'm after the Silvia logo seen the the back of the nissan badged s15's like this: ive found them online but theyre in excess of 60 quid coming from australia and japan which is.. well.. to much in my opinion. anyone got one and after a little less than that price? :)
  5. lvaleiron

    Tuned ecu?

    Happy New Year too all S15 club members!!! So, i was driving the other day in my local track and i realize that my car passed the 180kph limit, i got a little bit farther than 200kph. This means that my ecu came with some goodies from japan, the only thing is that when i opened it, it looked...
  6. mint

    Someone buy these!

    I know im not an owner no more, but meh.. I LOVE these! im in Japan just now, i'll see if i can shed some info hmm
  7. superK

    OEM parts from japan delivery time

    A few months ago i bumped into the car infront of me that decided to jam on at a green light, bent the bonnet broke the headlight mounting brackets and deformed the bumper, anyway the panel beater ordered all the parts through nissan and was then told delivery could be two to ten weeks, the...
  8. mint

    Remember Me?

    haha hey guys - Sorry not been posting up here in a while, been trying to 'dial' out on the s15 as much as I can since she's now sold. I still have the car at the moment, awaiting on the DVLA to sort the plates out before I can let her officially go. Here's a few things thats been going on...
  9. S

    Silvia RRP?

    Hi Bit of a random question, but does anyone know the retail price for Spec R Silvia's when they were produced in japan? Also costs for various options like sunroof, aero kit etc Cheers in advance Mike
  10. 3

    hey whats up, new guy from usa

    hi, my name is Matthew Maddalo and i am from Philadelphia, in about a week ill have my 2000 Nissan Silvia spec r. i cant wait :D here are pic of my s15 in japan, ill post new ones when i get it
  11. adz87kc

    FS: DB power battery relocation kit

    I bought this a few weeks back from a guy over on sxoc to put the stock battery on the boot in order to accomodate FMIC piping. But, my S15 come from Japan with a smaller battery that i just moved to the side hence the reason for sale :) Just want what i paid for it: £80+pp
  12. J

    On route!

    Well just been speaking to Charlie at Prodriftuk and ive put down a deposit on the white Spec R he has coming from Japan! Will be here in about 8 weeks so im counting down the days :D
  13. TriniGT

    Hey Trial S15

    Was just browsing Japan Auctions and came across this, Came across this as well,
  14. K

    FS: JDM cars became more inexpensive!!

    JDM cars became more inexpensive!! KAMIKAZE DRIVE much discounted the cars of NISSAN which is in Japan. You don't miss this opportunity. Let's access the following page quickly!! http://nissancars.kamikaze-drive.com/ ===================================== Managing Director Mr.Tetsuya...
  15. LuPix_S15

    FS: AVS Model 5 Alloys - FOR SALE!!

    !!!!PRICE LOWERED!!!! Genuine AVS Model 5 alloy wheels which came with my S15 from Japan. Condition is excellent since they have only been exposed to British weather for 7 months and most of that was summer/autumn. Only very few minor scuffs on some of the wheels. However, there is a slight...
  16. G


    hi peeps i was building a s13.5 but am now in the process of upgradeing :nod: should be takeing delivery of a fully worked s15 shell in about 2 weeks, have a full chargespeed kit on route from japan for it as of yesterday need a few bits for the shell so will be posting quite alot in the wanted...
  17. P

    Cayman Islands Spec-R

    Hi All, My name's Peter, I live in the Cayman Islands and after losing my Altezza to a car crash (not my fault) I've recently procured a '99 S15 Spec-R from Japan. So far it has yet to chip from Japan so I'm still awaiting it's arrival which I anticipate will be some time early August or...
  18. Ozone

    WTB: Might need to borrow an S15 Turbo exhaust...

    My car has missed the SVA cut off and will be tested under the new IVA regs. The VOSA examiner has asked the guys preping my car if I have the original exhaust, I don't. Does anyone have a spare that could be borrowed? The car is in Southampton. I had kept the original exhaust for 9 months but...
  19. slammedmind

    FS: Tein super street coilovers

    Nearly new, i dont drive the car much so the suspension is hardly used. Bought new from rhd japan for 1500 euro im selling them for 850 ono pics will be up tomorrow. thanks Rob
  20. naha_music

    Newbie in Japan

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My name is Thomas and just recently returned back to Kanagawa, Japan, for the 3rd time. I've never owned an S15, but hopefully that will change in the near future. I've always been a Silvia enthusiast, as I've owned an S12, S13...