1. M

    Any freight forwarders for getting car parts from Japan??

    Hey guys, Im looking to order some parts for my silvia s15, some from croooober and some from amayama.com. To save on shipping i was wondering if there are any freight forwarders in japan that i can have the parts shipped to and then forwarded to me. I live in the caribbean, Grenada to be...
  2. F

    The dream that is Japan

    As we’re all obviously fans of Japanese cars, I’m wondering who here has been to the lovely land itself? Personally, I haven’t but as I’m thinking of importing an S15 through torque gt this time next year, I’m thinking on *maybe* taking a wee trip for a couple weeks to have a look at some cars...
  3. P

    S15 Owner

    Hi all, Used to have this: Sold a few months ago and ordered this: Its only just left Japan so I have a very long time to wait. But I am looking forward to picking it up. Cheers
  4. K

    Best Importer in my Opinion

    I already imported now an S15 LHD ! Yes LHD from Japan The best Importer is Auto-Point-Fukouka on Facebook because hes in Japan and can provide you with everything He also can get you converted Cars to LHD because in Japan there are lots of Workshops and they doin it for good Money I Paid for...
  5. Stew

    Hi all!

    Hello everyone! I recently picked up a totally standard Spec R from a member of the forum and have proceeded to turn it into something straight out of early '00s Japan. The car was 100% original when it came into my possession, only having been in the UK for several months. On closer...
  6. B

    WTB: Dash vents

    Need some dash vents, anyone have some spare before I order from Japan tomorrow?
  7. phillll

    FS: Pewter Spec R - Fresh Import

    Putting this up for a friend. It's a very clean car for the mileage and age. The inside is bloody mint too! 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec R 136,489 miles (9,099 average) 1 Owner in Japan Japanese service history Will come with 12 months UK MOT Spec SR20DET engine (Ball bearing turbo) 6 speed...
  8. L

    Part stores in japan

    Hi guys, I'm going to the Japanese f1 next month so I've got a bit of a shopping list of parts to get whilst I'm there. Everything I want is on RHD japan but they don't ship locally [emoji17] I'm after: Nismo engine/gearbox mounts Nismo radiator/oil filler cap Tomei spark plug cover Anyone...
  9. C

    I'm new on here

    Nice to meet you all. I'm Stetson, currently living in Japan. I bought my 99 Spec-S last October for my birthday. I've enjoyed it quite a bit but still haven't decided what exactly to do with it. I've been bouncing around from track toy, sleeper, or straight Furious 7 Charger type rally car...
  10. K

    New S15 owner ! Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone ! My name is Max, I'm french, I'm 29, and I am living in Japan for one year. I've been owner of many JDM cars before, and now that I'm in Japan, I decided to buy a car I never saw in France before, the famous s15 specR ! I don't have it yet, the garage is preparing papers for...
  11. H

    new member

    Hi, Just purchased a nissan silvia spec r from Japan . Colour is grey, Milage 27000 klms year 2000:)
  12. K

    DD JDM S15 RB26 MFD RPi more acronyms build

    I'm Ken, from Ibaraki, Japan. I had owned a TT Z32 previously and was looking to get into another fast turbo Nissan, so about 3 years ago I started looking at S15s, as the Z32 is a little too heavy and wide for daily driving here. I ended up finding a very clean unmodified one for a very low...
  13. Lucy_Stlthy

    Hi from Beds

    Hey all, Just had my S15 delivered this week, its a import from Japan, MOT this saturday, can't wait to get driving her!!!
  14. NICKO

    FS: HKS GTRS Turbo near new pics inside

    here is my HKS GTRS turbo I bought from RHD Japan a while back and its been on my S15 thats been garaged for the past few years, its covered around 2k miles and is in near new condition. It made 375bhp at 1.4bar on my S15 which at the time was suffering from a misfire would rather this be...
  15. R

    FS: For sale : Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R, 8700 pounds

    Hi all, For sale Nissan SILVIA S15 SPEC-R, 2000, 77.100 miles, car arrived from Japan in December, 2014, all import taxes and VAT paid ( valid documents for all EU un UK ). I did full inspection, including engine compression check ( 8 in all cylinders ), as well as changed engine oil and...
  16. Limitless Imports

    New Trader ' Limitless Imports'

    Hi S15oc, Thought I'd come and introduce my self. Some of you may know me already My names Matt and a run an import company here in the uk called Limitless Imports. I have been running it for over 1 year now with great success. What I can offer you is that im able to source parts from all...
  17. J

    WTB: Spec R Aero Front Bumper

    As above. pm any info before i get one from japan.
  18. Barnesy

    Hi all

    Hi guys and gals :wave: I'm Barnesy and I've registered with the forum to get to know you people and start to learn about S15's. I've just won one at auction in Japan via an import company and I'm currently waiting for it to be sent to port and leave Japan on the 20th, so fingers crossed it'll...
  19. T

    Ings+1 Body kit

    Just wondering does anybody know how rare these kits are I've been researching them as discovering I have one due to all the ings stamps on my kit..never saw another one judging on pics somebody from japan try to copy the ings demo car as I also have the big carbon ings drift wing Thanks
  20. R

    Nissan Silvia S15 from Okinawa Japan

    Hey S15oc, My name is Stephen and I live in Okinawa, Japan. I have been a long time lurker so I finally decided to join the masses and create an account. I am originally from America, but I moved to Okinawa when I was three, and I've been here ever since. For those of you who do not know...