1. M

    WTB: S15 JDM SpecR Aero Kit (Full)

    Hey guys i'm looking for a dealership or someone with a FULL (Front bumper, Side Skits, Rear Pods) JDM specR Aero Kit for sale. Seller must be willing to ship internationally. Thanks in advance Mr.C4
  2. A

    FS: SSR SP1 18x10.5 genuine JDM GOODNESS

    Hey gang selling last pair as need money for a new bathroom. What can I say about these wheels. One of of the most sought after JDM goodness. Pair only 18x10.5 ET22 Wheels are in almost in excellent condition. Very hard to come by these sizes. 4inch dish on these Collection only looking for 1K...
  3. J

    Spec S owner from Bristol

    hey everyone! Purchased my S15 a couple of months ago now, First Uk owner now its registered! its a spec s and I have done a few bits to it since owning it ( ill make a build thread) Josh. Instagram - J9XHY
  4. dave_t

    FS: Tailored S15 Specific - JDM Checkered Mats - Black/Red

    Item for Sale: Tailored S15 Specific JDM Checkered Mats - Black/Red Description: I bought these last year for my S15 from Rhdjapan. Full set of Front & Rear Mats, the fit is spot on - better fitting than the OEM mats i thought. They look incredible fitted! that JDM touch to finish off your...
  5. C

    WTB: Starter Motor for S15 JDM Spec-R

    Starter Motor for S15 JDM Spec-R in good or excellent working condition. Pick up from West Midlands area preferred. Let me know how much. Thanks
  6. Rich

    After 18 months of lusting, I now own a Blue S15 Spec R!

    I now own a Blue S15 Spec R! Hi all! I've been lusting after a S15 Spec R for what feels like an eternity now - but now I finally own one :D I first started bidding on them in Japan through Torque GT in 2014 but the right car didn't surface and I got sidetracked by a few other Jap motors (R32...
  7. H

    Garrett turbo. Oil restrictor or not? Spec-R JDM version

    Hello. I just bought a new garrett gt2871r. I wounder if you guys with the jdm ball bearing stock turbos are fitting an oil restrictor or not when upgrade? Thanks in advance /Daniel
  8. K

    DD JDM S15 RB26 MFD RPi more acronyms build

    I'm Ken, from Ibaraki, Japan. I had owned a TT Z32 previously and was looking to get into another fast turbo Nissan, so about 3 years ago I started looking at S15s, as the Z32 is a little too heavy and wide for daily driving here. I ended up finding a very clean unmodified one for a very low...
  9. dave_t

    BM57 - RHD - ABS - Part Number?

    Guys, my BM57 from a a JDM Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo is making a creaking noise, and been diagnosed as the seals have given up the ghost. Has anyone got a part number for one, as i want to order a brand new one
  10. Max

    What JDM hatchback for a Daily?

    I'm thinking I'm going to need a daily soon, something JDM and fun, cheap to run and insure. Good on twisties but some motorway economy & practicality would be nice. Not looking at tuning it at all because I know what I am like!I'm liking the idea of:Pulsar VZR (N1 would be epic) - anyone...
  11. B

    S15 Noises

    Hey All, I have a stock jdm s15 which is making a few different noises. I was able to rule out the turbo but am still unable to pin point where the noise/s are coming from. I had taken it to a mechanic who couldn't figure it out either (obviously not the best mechanic for these cars). Is there...
  12. B

    New member from New Zealand

    Hey guys! I just joined the forums and wanna call in to introduce myself. You could say I'm not really a full member of the club since I don't own an S15 yet. I plan to import a JDM Spec-R rather than an NZDM one. Hopefully, I get tips and tricks from you guys on how to take care of a machine...
  13. zefside_s15

    My Super Silvia =^.^=

    Hey guy's, my names Nate & here's my Silvia S15 First owner in Oz I have these wheels at the moment, but will be changing to a staggered set of bronze wheels shortly Here's a pic of my JDM option only cluster Put this bad boy on last week Plenty of other mods to come :) Cheers
  14. V

    Reverse Buzzer Location (S15 - Auto to Manual Convert)

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to locate the Reverse Alarm/Buzzer on my 2000 Nissan Silvia/200sx S15 Spec S (Manual). My car was converted to manual by the previous owner, but it seems as though they didn't remove the reverse beeper, and its annoying me lol. I've looked around and it seems the...
  15. R

    New Spec R owner

    Hi there! Brand new Spec-R owner here, just popping in to say hi. Picked up the car on the 21st (January) from Wales, drove it all the way back to Scotland and am now a total fanboy and over the moon with the purchase. Picked up a fresh import pretty much stock from down in Swansea, Blue with...
  16. crazymat666

    jdm parts websites?

    im currently looking for a off side steering rack arm and both window washer motors(maybe) and possibly some new headlights as the pattern isnt too great on mine but thats another maybe after i have messed anout with it all.i did have a website for all jdm parts but have lost the web...
  17. P

    ADM/NZ S15 turbo differences to JDM

    I have just been looking at my friends copy of 'Forced Induction Performance Tuning' by A. Graham Bell. I believe the author is Australian. The book contains a bit about the gains they made to an S15 turbo by just making breathing mods (intake and exhaust). According to the book their car had...
  18. M

    FS: Nisan Silvia Spec R JDM import yr:2000

    Year; 2000 Nissan Spec R JDM model (import) KMS: 159,*** Transmission; Manual Colour; VE Crunch (holden commodore colour, looks mint, photos dont do it justice) drive typre; Rear LSD diff Wheels: Lorenzo D1r's 17" (gutter rash on some but fixable) Tyres: Kumho 245/ (80%) Location; Canberra and...
  19. JDM_virgin

    Hello from Kent

    and so, it has finally happened. I've taken the plunge and imported myself a 99 silvia s15 aero in white hi everyone, Im Bill and as you can tell from my user name, i am a complete JDM virgin but the itch has now been scratched- well it will when i take delivery around April 1st. this will be...
  20. P

    Installing forlights in JDM Spec S - N/A

    Yo yo, I have a JDM Spec-S Non turbo that didn't come with a Fog light stalk, Being a JDM S15, would the wiring for the colum and fog lights be there? I just got a set off a mate and was going to try swapping the indicator stalk, but I'm not sure if left took the loom out or what not. From...