1. Alex De Large

    Power steering hose

    I've got a PS fluid leak and it's coming from the hose that connects from the resoviour to the pump. Does anyone know what size the hose is? :confused: I've tried searching all over but no joy.
  2. justin666

    Wont start :( 1999 spec R

    Just got back to my car after leaving it for a week she refuses to start :( Was running a sweet as a nut on the last drive hence why im a little miffed as to why now, she wont fire. Turns over fine and the plugs are getting wet so fuel doesnt seem to be the issue. However, unless im doin...
  3. JaseYpk

    URGENT!! 17mm Bolt for bottom of coilovers??

    Its the single bolt that goes through the bottom of the shocker.. and its stuck to hell. Soaked it in penetrating oil and had an impact gun on it.. no joy as of yet. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? I've done a google and checked ScrewFix, but no joy!! gahhhh. I did find that some...
  4. crazymat666

    trying to find some wind deflectors :(

    as the tittle says im currently looking for some wind deflectors but im not having much joy at the moment can anyone help me out with this plleeaasseee :)
  5. T

    B , C etc Packages

    Morning First off i promise I have serached, but to no joy. Can someone clarify what you get in the vrious packages i see the Spec R' came with?
  6. H

    Oops, Anyone got a cheap shell???!!!

    My g/f was driving home the other night and had an argument with a lamp post, car is fooked. Anyone know of a cheap shell? It would be a shame to break my pride and joy but i'm not happy to repair it. All my engine work was only done 3 months ago by jez(h-dev) and i spent a fortune.
  7. S

    WTB: Spec R badges

    some one nicked my pasenger side spec R badge from the side of the car:censored::furious: Where can i get nother one? Iv looked on the usual, but no joy!
  8. mint

    Mints s15 + Snow = FTL!

    Well this morning was lame.. i start work at like half 5 and you'll notice its now 05:38 and im still at home! >_< Was up around half 3 to make sure i had enough time to scrape the snow off the motor etc.. well as soon as i got out the wee driveway i was faced with probally the worlds smallest...
  9. S

    Hey Gents

    Been lurking on the forum for a few months now preparing myself for S15 ownership. Ive decided to import a white one through Jurgen at JM Imports however since theyre extremely rare, was wondering if anyone in and around the London area wouldnt mind me coming up to take a look at their pride and...
  10. E

    Lady lack of luck strikes again...

    My 650whp 300ZX was stolen today :( :( :( police are - as usual- totally ineffective and don't give a f>>> :cry: :cry: :cry: when I think of the time and money and more money and extra money I spent on the car... my pride and joy ... :( :( :(
  11. D

    Wring a radio

    Can you get a iso block connector for back of radio? I've tried a few no joy. or will i have to just hard wire it? Derek