1. Surfing Boris

    Hks ssqv

    I have brought the HKS SSQV and want to fit it but it looks like I need to move the fuse box out the way and it doesn't say any way to do it, if I undo the bolts will it simply lift out of the way? And so I really need to unplug the negative battery terminal?
  2. laimis

    FS: For sale BC camshaft,valve spirng,retainers

    Used BC SR20DET camshaft IN/EX 264' lift 12.06mm.,single valve spring,titanium retainers 300GBP.
  3. Packham

    New Owner, Gearbox/Clutch Making All Kinds of Noises. Videos Included PLEASE HELP!

    In the past week my gearbox has developed 3 different sounds! The first one is when I put the clutch down while in gear. The Second one is a lot more quieter and happens when lifting the pedal up...
  4. S

    Front lift kit

    I've got a Meister R prototype front lift kit on my S15, it raises the front up 40mm to get over obstacles such as steep entrances to petrol garages, speed bumps etc. I've found it really useful and has saved my front bumper from getting destroyed on many occasions! Its usually found on VAGs or...
  5. S

    FS: Tomei PonCams 256deg, 11.5mm lift almost new !

    having a change of plans so putting my almost new Tomei Poncams up for sale from my SR20DET, they are: 256 Deg 11.5mm lift they were fitted to the engine and have only done idle work, they have done no miles at all ! after £250 posted wont be back with the car until the 24th and will...
  6. L

    Engine problem

    Last night I developed some weird noise from under the bonnet? It kicks in at about 2500-3000 rpm and carries on throughout. If I fully rev it, when I lift off there is a high pitched squeal. Hoping that It's not a big issue anyone got any ideas?
  7. JaseYpk

    How To: Overfill The Gearbox

    This is just a basic guide for those who don't know how to do it on how to overfill the gearbox, beyond the filler plug on the box itself. It was new to me so i guess it'l be new to some of the newer owners aswell :) Firstly, jump inside your car and eye up the gear stick: Remove the gear...
  8. Nickichi

    Jacking Points

    Heya, done a little searching through the older posts but I felt I needed some confirmation before I did any more Lifting Since a pic speaks a thousand words you can see were I jacked the front up using the engine support bar which I believe is the front jacking point for the car according to...
  9. Y

    Duration vs Lift

    When choosing cams what is the benefit of more lift and more duration? I want to try and eliminate as much lag as possible. What are the standard cam profiles? I understand most ppl opt for tomei poncams with 256degree much power is actually gained from these?
  10. A

    Specs for OEM cams

    What is the lift on the stock S15 Spec-R cams?
  11. raytsang

    Rocker Arm Stoper and Lash killer kits.

    guys ive heard that the SR20DET engines are dangerous when kept at high rev for long period or constantly hitting of the limiter as it does when drifting. Cause the rocket arms can bounce of it loction at high revs cause of the hydralic lift system. I know the Rocker Arm Stopper(RAS) kits stop...
  12. Topper

    Fancy a lift in this taxi?

    Clicky :wave: