1. ryan3

    Cigarette lighter / 12v socket bulb

    Hi, Does anyone know what type of bulb it is that lights up the cigarette lighter/12v socket on the centre console? I need to replace the bulbs in the climate control unit and am going to change them to LED's and would like to change the cigarette lighter one too so that they all match. Thanks!
  2. shark79

    FS: Nismo kill switch fashion lighter (rare)

    I have a rare nismo kill switch fashion lighter for sale gbp95 inclusive of postage paypal fees by buyer will post up pics later
  3. K

    WTB: WTB nismo old fashion red cigarette lighter

    Like what the tittle say, I'm looking for a nismo old fashion red cigarette lighter.
  4. JaseYpk

    Carbon Fiber Cigarette Lighter Plug Cover!

    Well, i'm sure most of you know my love for carbon fibre. And one day, I will have a carbon fibre clad house. However, in the meantime, i'm going to be creating some universal cigarette lighter socket covers, made of 100% carbon fibre. mmmm. sexy. It'll just be a cover, like i said, it wont be a...
  5. shark79

    FS: Genuine nismo kill switch fashion lighter

    Hi all i am letting go a genuine Nismo fashion lighter in yellow since i manage to get one in red Price USD130 shipped uk or au pm me for details thanks
  6. R-Spec

    WTB: 17" wheels with tyres

    As title. Would like another set of wheels with tyres. Nothing over £400 really Something like 235/45/17 tyres in good condition and wheels the lighter the better :)
  7. Sideways Simon....

    WTB: Wanted: S15 cigerette lighter

    as above , ever since i goy my s15, its been missing the cigerette lighter, i could have got one from any car but would rather one from an s15, does anyone have one??
  8. S

    how do i wrap stuff in the carbon sticker stuff

    ok this fiddlie sticky sheet of pretend carbon fiber is driving me bonkers im trying to wrap my stero surround in it and its not working too well basiclly i can do the smooth front bits but when it comes to corners it isnt flexable enough to stick and flaps up i seriously dont have a clue...
  9. C

    Rays titanium look wheels or TE37SL

    Guys just another great offer from Rays . They have for lomited numbers the offer of purchasng along with some designs the titanium lip for free. Anyone is interested can pm me. Also their new wheels TE37SL which is lighter than the TE37 by 400kgr is now released with silvia fitments. Even if...
  10. B

    12 v cigarette accessory

    hi guys i have seen this accessory in a few cars - any idea what it is??? (the red thing where the cigarrette lighter would be)
  11. E

    Lightest brake rotors and calipers?

    I'm looking to upgrade these in the future. I'm not really chasing a lot more braking power, but more to reduce unsprung weight. Any recommendations? I know the R34GTT system is alot lighter than the stock s15. Anyone knows how heavy the rotors are? Anybody has any idea on project mu rotors too?