1. M

    mbb's Nissan Silvia

    Hey guys, long time lurker and finally decided to make an account Here it sits to this day Rewinding back a few years - this was my first 'real' ride which sparked this money pit we call 'modifying' It was a 1995 Honda Integra SiR-G - b18c standard motor with a S80 ****ty LSD long...
  2. oilman

    Up to 40% Off - Limited time additional discounts

    Limited Time Additional Discounts For a very limited time only Opie Oils have 3 additional offers for you that could save you up to 40% Off RRP (including members 10%). The 40% off has been applied to an additional 20 products added to our Oilman Specials section HERE. These 20 products have...
  3. C

    KAAZ Limited Slip Differential ( free delivery )

    Hey guys. Haven't been here for long of time due to stretching our hands too much for us. Too many big projects, importing too many stuff from Japan kept us busy but now we are back with even more stuff so im free to be into our good community. Well as of this , i can now offer for limited...
  4. T


    I've done a search but getting mixed answers... I know the fronts are 6.5"/165mm thats fine lots available but when i mesure the rears i get 160mm - can i still get 165mm ones in there as im very limited on choice otherwise? Many thanks S15OC!
  5. I

    wheel opinions

    Shame I have to wait so long for the Silvia to get here, but in mean time I found good offset wheels in the uK which I fancy. Thinking of going 18x9.5 et 30 all round These are limited edition black chrome Rota Torques. What do you think?
  6. D

    As some of you may remember....

    last year when this happened.... as mentioned in this thread, i went and done a little retail therapy and go myself one of these... Well, after just a couple months of...
  7. L

    Limited Speedo!

    My speedo is limited to 112mph! is this normal? Is there anything i can do to unlimite it? :confused: