1. S

    new coilovers front brake line bracket doesnt line up??

    Hi guys, fitted new coilovers to my car at the weekend but after installing the fronts the bracket that holds the brake line doesn't line up at all. the stock struts on my car had said bracket welded on below the abs line bracket much like the image in this thread: Fitting front coilovers to...
  2. jake

    WTB: Bov

    Any got a spare bov there will to sell quick as my one looks and fills like it's leaking Got a blitz on there at the mo would be happy with any thing on the same line as that ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NICKO

    WTB: front brake line brackets

    I need the left and right brake line brackets that secure the lines up inside the wheel arch, has anybody got a pair? Cheers :wave:
  4. NICKO

    WTB: brake line grommets

    I need the Brake line grommets off the k sport brake lines :nod:
  5. R

    Water Temp Question

    Hello, first post and hope it will be my last. I have a 1987 s-15, one owner, 142,000 miles, 2.8l V6 with automatic transmission. I just got this truck this past week and had been driving an 92 S-10 with same motor in it, only 5 speed manual transmission. My question is on my 92 chevy the temp...
  6. R

    S15 Turbo Water Line Replacement?

    Hi My water line from the Block to the Turbo has split and needs replacing. I've had a bit of a google and noticed that there is quite a few replacements, almost all of them are braided lines, this is fine as it is less hassle to put it. Does anyone have any recommended brands? Prices vary...
  7. Aurora61

    fuel rail return line question

    When I was installing a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, i had to cut the return line hose shorter for fitment reasons. Upon doing so, I noticed that the hose has restrictors inserted inside the hose. I assume these are placed inside the hose for fuel pressure related reasons. Just in case...
  8. N

    Carbon Fibre spoiler

    Has anybody fitted the Japspeed (BGW) carbon fibre spoiler? Im ordering one tomorrow and just wondering what the fitment is like. Do the fittings line up with the holes for the aero spoiler? Cheers :)
  9. 8

    Yellow 15 in spa (Belgium)

    Just looked out my hotel window to see a line of English cars and a 15 and DC5 in the mix...... Anyone on here?
  10. C

    WTB: wanted origin racing line front bumper

    as the tittle looking for an origin racing line front bumper
  11. B

    NA 180sx 4 branch manifold on Spec S

    I've a 4 branch manifold lined up for my Spec S. It was fitted to an NA 180sx (SR20). Before I go buying it I just want to make sure it will fit my Spec S. It has the hole for the lambda sensor in it so that's not a problem, and i presume it will line up with the engine as well? I also need to...
  12. CMR

    Autobahn88 FMIC Questions

    Just in the middle of fitting my Autobahn FMIC, well, I've retired for the night as it's dark. Got all the old bits off just fitting the new stuff now :nod: Where have people bolted the two top supports for the FMIC core to (as per the pic below) The instructions might as well not have english...
  13. Fruitbooter

    Rear brake line help!

    Okay I messed up big time and managed to wreck the rear brake lines :( I couldnt get the T-piece connections undone or the one that goes to the driver side caliper so in the end I had to cut the brake line to drop them all - So that bit above it wrecked, and the 3 connections on the T peice...
  14. Fasthands

    Will this fit? It's a braided clutch line listed for S14. :confused:
  15. S

    Blitz DSBC Spec S Vaccum Line to CPU

    2 quick questions if anybody knows the answer or has come across it. I recently purschsed a Blitz DSBC Spec S second hand, after receiving it i sat down and went through how to install it and what peices did what. 1st question the 4mm hard plastic hose connector, does anyone know how to...
  16. andeep

    Walbro won't fit

    I've put my Walbro into the cradle, but the ports don't line up. I've put the original rubber holder at the top in correctly, as the Walbro one is too big: But the ports don't line up: What am I doing wrong? The Walbro is the correct one and is meant to be a direct fit.
  17. M

    HEL Braided Brake Line Kits & Clutch Line Kits

    As an authorised HEL dealer, I am pleased to offer these to the forum This is quite possibly the most cost effective noticable upgrade to your braking system. Giving a much more confident feel during braking. All HEL kits come with CNC machined stainless steel fittings, banjo bolts and new...
  18. C

    HKS Brake Line Kit

    Hello guys. Couplle of days ago HKS released their own manufactured Brake line kits. These look :cool: . My mechanic tried them on his EVO 7 and he is happy with them and their quality . If there is enough interest to these we can make a GROUP BUY which would be a free delivery anywhere:D ...
  19. T

    Which lines do i require if i fit 350z brembo calipers???

    Planning on upgrading my brakes to 350z bembo's but just wanting to know now what brake line i require. planning on getting some braided line from either goodridge or hel but just wanting to know will the ones designed to fit the 350z plumb up to the s15? or will i require custom jobbies...
  20. S

    What's your opinion about fender vent?

    I think both of these are Vertex Ridge? But one doesn't have a vent on fender where there is indicator and the other has it. To me, non vent looks nice only because vented one doesn't line up well. vent line doesn't end up anywhere like main side lines on the body.... What ya think?