1. ryan3

    Rubbing Wheel Arch Liners

    Hey, I've done some searching on this but couldn't really find an answer, so I fitted HSD coilovers to the 15 over the weekend and set them up at roughly the height I want to run at but noticed that the wheels now sit extremely close to the arch liner when applying some steering lock, they...
  2. A

    WTB: All clips & screws etc for front arch liners

    All clips & screws etc for front arch liners Seems Nissan have stopped making some of them, so anyone got all the bits to mount the liners they don't need?
  3. A

    WTB: RH headlamp seal + front arch liners

    Im looking for a RH headlamp seal (6256885F00) & a set of front arch liners. Thanks!
  4. A

    WTB: Front arch/fender liners

    Looking for front liners with clips etc.
  5. JDM_virgin

    I think Ive been had...

    Just bought some wheel arch liners direct from nissans, both parts of the drivers side liners and the bottom part for the passenger side, total price....£124.74 including VAT Cant help thinking i should have looked elsewhere?
  6. Krish

    Arch liners

    Anyone know where I can get the above? Thanks
  7. H

    One for Drifter or Adam L

    Hi guys, didn't get much chance to speak to anyone at japfest (adam!) but you two seem to be running the high power setups and I'm after a bit of advice.:nod: My car is presently running 388hp and my ultimate goal is to run 450 - 500 ish. I have the "bolt on" mods required to do this but was...
  8. JaseYpk

    WTB: Arch Liners

    Ok so since 'the crash' my arch liners had broken clips and were held in with cable ties, and rubbed on the tires every now and then, until a few days ago, when i was cruising at 80, heard a scream and bang, pulled over, and my arch liner on the front right had caught the wheel and got ripped...
  9. N

    WTB: Wheel arch liners p.s and d.s

    As title says need p.s and d.s front arch liners I.e the splash guards under the wing can't find where the he'll I put my ones during the build, anyone have them would really appreciate it if they let me no. Ryan
  10. specr

    WTB: Arch liners

    Arch liners also few other bits As above please if any one can help maybe 50/50 rear lights aswell thanks !
  11. raytsang

    WTB: left and right arch liners

    as above anyone got these?