1. B

    Another hello

    Hi guys just thought I'd say hello. i don't currently have an s15 as I'm in the process of selling my jzx100 chaser. Once that's gone the 15 search will begin with the possibility of fresh import. ive had a string of s bodies but none have been the 15 and it's about time. I'm based near Oxford...
  2. UncleDan

    WTB: Nissan Silvia 200sx S15 LHS Wing Mirror Trim

    Does anyone have this piece for sale? The body shop broke mine and I'm heated. FRS, Nengen, and other local shops dont carry it and Shamerockspares wont ship to the US :(...
  3. H

    new member

    hello everyone looking to purchase a s15 asap i am a proud owner of a r32 gtr was wondering where the local meets are in the manchester/cheshire area
  4. spoonman

    FS: S14 sr20det engine / light flywheel / nismo injectors / cas / gt2876r / other stuff

    Selling time again. here is a link to my listings for sale, if anyone's interested PM me through this S15OC http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?searchtype=SELLER&member=4492624 For NON New Zealand People: Prices are in NZ dollars so www.XE.com if you want to know in your local...
  5. 8

    Blue with white wheels, BP Harlow

    Was just leaving as I saw you pull in. You local?
  6. NICKO

    WTB: S14/S15 Fan Surround/shroud And fan

    Needed asap, an Sr20 fan surround and fan too, but fan is not essential, would prefer local collection but can pay extra for postage :thumbs: cheers
  7. Jordan

    Good powder coaters needed - any recommendations?

    Preferably local to Northamptonshire :D
  8. B

    Brake upgrade.

    Hi, been wondering, has anybody fitted, or tried fitting Subaru impreza 4pot caliper to an s15? They 'look' very similar.... One of my pistons have seized, but a local chaps selling Subaru ones.... Any help would be greatful... I have asked if I could try them, but he didn't seem too keen...
  9. dave_t

    S15 Fuel Filter Part Number? (is it the same as an S14?)

    Want to replace my fuel filter today to eliminate it as a fault on my hesitation problem. does anyone have the part number? or know if its the same as the s14 one? as my local motorfactors have an s14 one in stock
  10. R

    Spec-R Alternator

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little help again. I need to replace an ever degrading alternator on my S15. After my regular garage couldn't find anything I've tried a local alternator specialist... who have also failed. Any suggestions on where I can get an alternator from? Cheers guys Russ
  11. P

    pic request!!! s15's with dishy vienna dish

    well as above really, i wanna see what it looks like before im cheeky and ask a local largo owner if he wants to sell his cheers
  12. I

    Meet: Many Kent meets?

    Looking at getting an S15, but at the same time, would really need to see how much I have to play with as the only thing stopping me buy one is not being able to fit my bass drum in from my drum kit. Are there many local meets that go on in Kent? Would like to take a look at some of local...
  13. roachey

    WTB: Bonnet needed with hinges

    bonnet needed with hinges local to arbroath, scotland but may travel, thanks.
  14. DeanS15

    pewter silver, ducktail spoiler, rainham kent.

    as above, spotted a silver s15 with a ducktail rear spoiler and aftermarket exhaust where the old bike shop used to be on the a2 in rainham - first local one i've ever seen - are you on here? :confused:
  15. sparks

    apexi exhaust control valve?

    just wondering does any one have or does any one know someone that has an apexi exhaust control valve installed on there exhaust system and if so is it any good?:confused:. The local gardai (police):censored: have had many of the local lads up in court for loud exhausts and are being fined...
  16. Darren_S15

    FS: Suspension Calipers Rad Pipes Airbox

    Suspension/Calipers/Rad/Pipes UPDATED These parts are now all for sale on Ebay. All priced to sell. Anything I do not sell is going to the local tip. Suspension Radiator Front Calipers Piping Thanks.
  17. subzero

    part number for s15 lightening badge ?

    i know you can get em on ebay and all that jazz, but im gonna get a genuine one .... any got the part number ? gave my chassis code to my local nissan dealer but i gather from his lack of phone call (dropped it in mon) that he is having a little trouble :)
  18. P

    WTB: Still looking for windshield Anyone Know a place near you?

    I cannot find a windshield out here in California. I was wondering if any of you guys have local shop who have them, so at least I could get it shipped outhere in the states thanks!
  19. mint

    FS: URAS Front Bar

    On behalf of Mr.Bizzle over on Driftworks. He's located in Bucks? Original Post : http://www.driftworks.com/forum/parts-sale-private-sales/64261-uras-type-5-s15-front-bumper.html :thumbs:
  20. sniffy

    climate control blubs

    anyone know where i could get the bulbs that go into the climate control mine have gone and i cant seem to find the went to my local nissan dealer and they dont have em.