1. H

    FS: looking for swaps...

    I have a set of I believe crystal rear light heavily tinted looking for a pair of standard rear lights, location is Essex
  2. FreakensNL

    lose connectors?! 3 not connected

    anyone got a idea where these are for?? removed alarm and turbo timers and what not... location: fusebox next to throttle
  3. Jaydej

    Fitting harness without bar or roll ca

    Hey all I've fitted some harness eyes in my car they are just behind the pillar support under the back seat. I've been told that it isn't the best location. What have you guys done? And I don't really want to remove tank please helppp
  4. K

    Rear fog lights

    Hello, does the s15 got oem rear fog light ? Is it on right or left ? Does the rear lights got a location for a fog light on the both sides ? Thanks
  5. N

    Indicators and hazards don't work any ideas?

    Does anyone know the location of the relay? Or any other reason they don't work?
  6. P

    Intercooler advice - location against condensor/rad possibe?

    Was wondering whether anyone has put an intercooler further back than most kits, up against the front of the air con condensor, sat in the slightly U shaped front chassis structure, behind the upright with the bonet catch on it. There looks to me to be a big space for one here - I also believe...
  7. dave_t

    FS: Steering Wheels + Momo & Nissan Horn Pushes

    Having a clear out, first up is some of my Steering Wheel Collection (apologies for the orientation of some of the pics, Damn Iphone & Olloclip) Item for sale: Momo 360mm Description: In very good overall condition. one minor gap opening up on lower spoke (easy fix - see photo) Pics...
  8. japmadlad

    location of heater blower relay

    Anyone know were the relay for the blower in the cabin is?
  9. Adam L

    WTB: Silvia S15 6-Speed gearbox

    Mine has just shat itself, anyone selling one? Please PM me with price and location
  10. Darren_S15

    Open Event: S15OC Club Meet - Sunday 14th August

    As the title suggests Im going to try and organise a S15OC club meet on Sunday 14th August. Why this date, why not, and Im not about to ask people to vote for the day that best suits them and spend my life trying to work out the best day. Location is yet to be announced once Ive found a...
  11. Shawnhalu

    Mid Or Front Mount I/C setups?

    Anyones here uses a mid-mount I/C Setup? 1. what the differences between the front & mid mount? 2. which location will u choose to set it in? (in between rad and a/c? or infront of a/c, rad and a/c remain same stock location) 3. better choices between the 2? thinking of changing a setup...
  12. V

    Tomei Poncam Type-R for SR20DET (Used for 5,000km only)

    We have a Tomei Poncam Type-R (Part No. 143044) for SR20DET to suit the Nissan Silvia S14 and S15. These camshafts are 256° and 11.5mm lift. Although it is used but the camshafts are in an extremely good condition. These have just traveled 5,000km before it is removed from the vehicle. The...
  13. T

    Help Installing Alarm

    I'm installing a Viper Responder 350 and I need help location these wires under the kick panel area: If you can give me the: Location Color Pole (-/+) may need this ??? 1.12volt constant 2. Ignition 3. Starter 4. Parking lights 5. Door trigger 6. Trunk trigger Lastly I need to figure out...
  14. M

    NOCI Meet August 10th

    Hey folks. I'm just letting ye know about the NOCI Summer Meet. As the name suggets its the Summer Meet for NOCI (Nissan Owners Club of Ireland). This will include several clubs. I don't mind how many people turn up as all the locations can handle a fair amount of cars, however if anyone messes...
  15. Nicely

    Where are you?

    You may not be aware of it, but this is a worldwide club! As such, it would be very helpful if you could fill-in your location in your Profile. This will help when answered location specific questions, such as model information. An example of this is the difference between JDM, NZDM and ADM...