1. H

    Remote central locking Spec S

    Hi, did is the Spec S come with central locking?
  2. J

    S15 central locking motor needed

    Does any one have a spare s15 passenger side central locking motor or no of where I can get one, or maybe if a s14 fits please.
  3. B

    Central Locking Fuse

    Hi guys - do you know which fuse the central locking runs on? Problem is my passenger side has stopped working, doesn't open from the alarm remote, nor the drivers door button or using the key in the drivers lock. so it's not both central locking units, just the passenger, does it run on a...
  4. CMR

    FS: Brand new Subframe locking collars

    As above. I have a brand new boxed set of Driftworks Locking Collars suitable for S13/14/15 and R32 and R33 GTS I paid £55 for these. Get them for £40 posted to UK, in no rush to sell so no offers please. SOLD
  5. Jay-pan

    Diff noises and gear stick wobble

    Well this is my first car with a 2way diff when i first got it it seemed to be very aggressive in locking. I was advised to get some 2 way diff oil and this cured it. Was smooth and wasn't aggressive anymore but now its come back and locking very harsh. Say i am driving slowly in first or...
  6. Mike

    FS: H-Dev SR20DET exhaust manifold with new gaskets and locking clips.

    Bought this off Craig a while ago, have never got round to fitting it and can't see that I ever will and as I'm not after big enough power to require one. Totally new only been taken out of the box and the gaskets are still in the packets. I bought all the gaskets and locking clips which set me...
  7. V

    Immobiliser/key question

    Morning ladies, I have just got a Spec R (I'll start a thread shortly) and I've got a question. Do they have an immobiliser as standard? The button on the key, which I assume is remote central locking, doesn't work so I want to change the battery, however I am worried it might **** things up if...
  8. Mange

    Hicas locking

    Hello guys, I've just bought myself a S15, but it is with HICAS 4ws and this I would like to get rid of. Is there anyone that have got any tips or could give me any advices on how to do this? I will buy a hicas lock bar kit like this one on DW...
  9. S15_SAM

    Wiring info for central locking

    I'm going to install a sigma cat 1 on Saturday, and was hopin someone could let me know where the locking module was and which wires are which, either via wiring diagram or by personal experience! Thanks Sam
  10. C

    FS: Subframe locking collars

    Apex Perfrormance sbuframe locking collars - link They are used but in VGC - about a year old now. These eliminate any play in your rubber subframe bushes and lock the subframe solid to the underside of your car. Reduces axle tramp and holds everything together as it should be. Dead easy...
  11. J

    JAPSPEED Bonnet Pins

    Hi Guys We've just taken delivery of some Bonnet Catches & Pins and thought we'd give you guys first look at them :) Universal Bonnet Catches & Pins - Locking and Non Locking * Bonnet pins are essential if your car has a carbon or fibreglass bonnet. * The Aerocatch is a new design of...
  12. S

    clock and central locking not workin properly

    Hey guys ive had this problem since i bought the car but since its a minor thing i havent really been bother by it, but i thought i'd post it up here to see if you guys can help me out. 1st problem: My clock dosnet work at all. I aint sure why but it just dosent, so could someone please help me...
  13. andeep

    FS: AeroCatch Flush Plus Locking bonnet pins NEW

    Got a pair of AeroCatch Plus Flush Locking bonnet pins. I was going to put them on my car but never did, so they are brand new and never opened. Lets say £40 Posted?
  14. LuPix_S15

    Fitting Subframe Locking Collars

    Hi guys, I've got some Driftworks alloy subframe locking collars. Basically I've been told you need to loosen and drop the subframe and then these slip on in between existing bushes and the chassis IIRC (??) I've been under and around the diff area recently (replacing diff oil) and had a...
  15. DeanS15

    folding mirrors when locking the car

    did anyone ever work out how to make the mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the car? i did a modification on my old fto which had a very similar setup switch to fold the mirrors in, it consisted of a couple of relays wired to the central locking controller and to the back of the mirror...
  16. S15AK

    Wheel locking nuts (Black)

    Hi guys, Ok I need some wheel locking nuts, and not sure what to go for, I'm prepared to spend a few quid on them as I know cheap ones can be a nightmare. I need them to be black though, any recommendations would be good thanks..
  17. A

    power window & central locking problem

    hi guys i've got a power window & central locking problem, the don't work at all i checked the fuses and there all fine. has anyone got any ideas?? or had the same problem thanks for any help cheers leith
  18. DeanS15

    help - vibration problem aaargh

    guys, can you help me? since getting my car back from having some work done i have had a problem with vibration - some from the exhaust, which is now sorted and clear of everything underneath so thats ruled out, and some from the transmission. basically i had a load of engine work done which...
  19. Darren_S15

    Exhaust Manifold Stud Problem

    OK so Im going to be removing my turbo this weekend to fit braided hoses. Earlier this evening I removed the nuts off my manifold after they had soaked in WD40 for over a day. Two of the studs have come out with them though. Now this is the weird bit, both stud have different threads on...
  20. Y

    S15 Security

    I have recently bought myself an S15 type R, The problem is that the immobiliser has been removed along with the remote central locking now it still has central lock just not remote. I want to put some sort of Security on my car now and was thinking of a Clifford Matrix 50.5X. Which has built...