1. H

    Where to buy wheels from?

    After what has turned in to a mare regarding wheels I'm in the look out for some wheels again. I'd originally bought some SSR Koenigs but due to some problems I have had to send them back. been looking at various UK sites and they all pretty much offer the same wheels, XXR's and Rota's which...
  2. H

    Jap Meet Basildon white V reg Spec R

    looked nice :nod:
  3. H

    Pewter S15 on M69 today around 5.30ish

    had black wheels and a D-Max (i think??) spoiler looked lovely
  4. C

    White S15, no aero, TE37 style wheels - Peterborough 18:30ish

    I saw the first S15 I've ever seen on the roads tonight! Only caught a quick glimpse but it looked stunning. Spotted it parked at the Shell petrol station on Lincoln Road near Werrington at around 6:30pm tonight. I just wondered if it was anyone's on here? Appeared to be standard aero with no...
  5. B

    FS: Wheel arch roller

    SOLD........... Paid £70 for this a few weeks ago, used twice and did exactly what I wanted it to do. £35 delivered This one included several different size spigot rings for perfect mounting on the hub unlike the cheaper ones I looked at Located Northwest Pete 07917 697574 Sent from...
  6. S

    Grey s15 Rainham Essex - T*** VAO - 6.45pm.

    Just seen a grey s15, led rear lights and what looked like an aero kit? You followed me from Rainham tescos until I pulled over to let you past (wast sure if I was seeing things in the dark!) I was in the blue kuga. Car looked lovely! Not going to lie, I wasn't pleased so see it....mines...
  7. S

    White S15 - Birmingham

    Spotted a white S15 with white wheels in Birmingham earlier. Looked good!
  8. Jay-pan

    Wiring in electric fans

    Hi guys, can someone direct me to a good ignition source or how they have wired there electric fans into there car? Seen can do it via the air con old fan unit which i looked into and seen the guide which i was going to do but if anyone has any further pictures and how it exactly works would be...
  9. phillll

    Blue Spec R - Wirral

    Who was it then? At Spital Crossroads by the pub. Never seen one around the area before! Looked nice and we exchanged a wave. ;)
  10. Lanyard

    Standard Blue - M69 North from Coventry (Female driver)

    VERY standard looking car. Got a feeling it was the same one I was parked with at a meet in Coventry not so long ago. I was driving a Range Rover at the time so didn't wave but looked good! :thumbs:
  11. N

    WTB: T28R

    So my turbo decided it would like to break last night, Nasty grinding sound, also wheel stopped when i looked at it with the intake off :annoyed: Anyone have one asap please?
  12. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone have a F4 Full pinout diagram?

    Anyone know where I could find a full pin out diagram, I found one but it wasn't the full one. I looked on FSM and it doesn't let me see it.
  13. Mezza

    Figured I'd say Hi

    Hey, been looking at new cars recently and have always had a thing for imports (especially the s15). As a complete and utter newbie to cars I'm interested in buying a car with a hi-spec and that's obviously already imported. I know a few things...
  14. Sims77

    Blue one in Stoke

    I noticed the Shelby Cobra first (or replica) then got really excited to see the S15. It was on King street in Fenton, we were in the wife's Evo 8. Looked lovely
  15. Mike

    T*** VAO? Aero Pewter, Cheddar, 13-7-13

    Had just parked the civic up, gave you a thumbs up! Looked smart! :)
  16. LeeSpecR

    White s15 Sutton?

    I was in nando's and heard you,turned to just catch the s15 rear end!! looked nice,think it had rota grid drifts... lee
  17. D

    White s15 hope show Derbyshire monday night

    Parked up in the show, very clean car looked great
  18. S

    White s15 m6 6.15pm 2/06/13

    White s15 no visible front number plate, aero spoiler with chopped centre section. Yashio rear lights and what looked like a uras body kit. Seen today about 6.15 on the m6.
  19. crazymat666

    silver s15 carbon bonnet weymouth

    who is this?i got the same colour car but yours looked sweet as ****
  20. Krish

    Earth issues

    Got the dreaded hum coming through the stereo and my HID flicker occasionally. Also one bulb doesn't always come back on after flicking to main beam. I Looked at the earth points can't see any corrosion etc. Seen those ground loop stabilisers but not too sure if it will help?