1. O

    anyone lookin for a spoilered bootlid..?

    Hi guys have a spoilered bootlid in white and was gona despoiler it but thought it might be handier to post this message and see if anybody would like to do a swap..
  2. J

    WTB: bonnet

    Hi lads lookin for a oem bonnet doesn't matter about the colour. In Ireland if possible also lookin for a drivers door window switch unit. Thanks
  3. S

    FS: SSR vienna's 114.3 et24 18x9 18x10 with legal tyres

    2 options on this set of wheels 1. £1000 and will ship anywhere at extra cost 2. Swap for other jap VIP lookin wheels Getting the car washed in a bit so untill then here is a taster
  4. I

    Hi All

    hey all im new to the site, currently dnt have an S15 but am doin my research on them before i go ahead with buyin one etc, lookin forward to getin involved on the forum Dan
  5. S

    FS: headlights perfect condition

    as above lookin for 400 euro for them
  6. J

    s15 drifter irl

    been lookin around here a while about time i posted on here will put up a build thread:cool:
  7. paddyb01

    rear pads help

    lookin to get new rear pads for the 15 lookin at a set of red stuff pad but it says there for a s14 are the rear pads the same as the 15?
  8. A

    FS: s15 type r front bar

    hey guys. 1st time poster here. I own a pannel shop in brisbane and repainted a s15 a while back. the guy bought a 2nd hand front bar and left us with the damaged orginal front bar. Iv repaired it and test fitted the bar. now its just talkin up space. Lookin for $250 ono (alreaddy in primer...
  9. sliding-r

    Stock MAP with breathing mods

    i have been driving my car quite hard on and off with stock map is this ok with catback and decat plus filter, chances are it will be rich? also what sort of quarter mile time would i be lookin at with a good launch? thinking of going to run what you brung at the end of the month! and...
  10. R

    WTB: xenon bulb wanted

    well lads, lookin for a xenon bulb for my s15, where wud i go about gettin one and how much are they??
  11. M

    WTB: s15 aero spoiler?????

    still lookin for an aero s15 bootlid spoiler:(does anyone know of any around???????
  12. J

    WTB: WANTED:17"or 18" alloys

    as above wanted set of wheels.not lookin to spend too much CASH WAITING
  13. M

    WTB: spec r rear spoiler

    lookin for a spec r rear spoiler preferably in pewter grey,or any colour really once i can get one:)also lookin for origin clear and red rear lights,i have origin smoked rear but prefer the red and clear...
  14. Hunts15

    FS: Anything you need ???

    hey lads throwin up a thread anything you need have made a contact here at home kits, wheels, performance parts, bolt in cages, seat rails..list is endless jus pm me what your lookin for ill get it AT GOOD PRICES. :D also includes every jap caR :D:D
  15. Hunts15

    FS: vented fenders for sale

    unfortunately and raged iv to sell these but due to that stupid dog and me clipping a wall have to sell up to afford the 400 euro for the head lamp :( gutted :annoyed: lookin for offers in and around 290 as they are brand new and gel coated..
  16. C

    WTB: alloys or other ???

    hey im lookin for a set of alloys 17" 4x114.3 or would like to even change them to 5x114.3 if anyone can help me out ??
  17. D

    WTB: Nissan Almera Gti!

    Have been lookin for one off these the last few days so could anyone in the uk keep an eye out for me im lookin for a real clean one 98-99 with average to small milage and no rust. Cheers lads!:nod: 00353871343093.
  18. D

    Wko Matching...

    Any irish lads know anyone really good at matching wko as im lookin to get the rear window spoiler and want too get it done rite the first time. normally got my man in northern ireland to do mine but its too far just too get a spoiler done, Im lookin for someone excellent at spraying...
  19. D


    Few of us off to japfest uk this day week lookin forword too it and seeing nicelys beast!
  20. B

    how yas all doin???

    hows it goin every body, unfortunatly i dont own an s15 but im getn a spec r in june nd i tink der amazin lookin cars .. was lukin at a few here nd theyr sumtin else...:D:D