1. Aurora61

    Loose coilover upper mount?

    I have a set of d-max super street coilovers, and the upper mount for the front drivers side seems excessively loose. When I removed the coilover assembly from the car, i noticed that i can pivot the top mount with barely no resistance, while the passenger side required a bit of force. When i...
  2. JaseYpk

    Turbo Elbow Bolts Missing..

    Not sure how, not sure why, but mine seem to have run away. And as a result my exhaust backbox is kicking out... nothing. my turbo is the exhaust at the moment. haha So why did they come loose, how can i stop them coming loose and running away, and where can i get a set of new bolts from (other...
  3. JaseYpk

    Headlights Cutting Out!!

    Howdy! Latest defect with my car.. The headlights cut out for a split second when i hit some(not all) bumps in the road, and also cut out randomly for a few seconds whilst driving. Not very nice on a black motorway doing motorway speeds. scared the life out of me haha. Anyways, its obviously a...
  4. sjt47y

    turbo problem

    Hi everyone, want to check if anyone got garrett turbo problems from realstreetperformance? I got 2 turbos end 2010 from them, 1 for my mate, 1 for myself. My mates broke down on installation. Mine was ok then broke after tuning. They are GT2871R turbos. I just find it a hard pill to swallow...
  5. Max

    DIY Vinyl

    I was thinking of swapping my spoiler with a BGW but dont have the money to spare and am apprehensive about the permanent change. SO Im going to B+Q on saturday to get a £6 chunk of Black Vinyl and will try getting it wrapped around my spoiler :s (never tried this before so im really jumping...
  6. W

    Silver Dash Panel Below Steering Loose Towards The End - How Do I Fix This?

    As above the part that is loose is the silver dash bit below the steering wheel slightly towards the right side. If I push it upwards, it just goes back to it's original position. I don't wanna break it so would like to know how can I replace this without breaking/damaging it? Is it held on...
  7. D

    How to adjust clutch pedal?

    Hey does anyone have a good guide for adjusting the clutch pedal. ordered a new clutch - christmas time, unlikely to arrive for a bit, want to see if i can get the current one to engage better. Makes clicking noises on takeoff, i'm assuming teeth -- shudders.. gone basically. Also, for those...
  8. S

    Anyone got loose rubber list on your front light?

    Ive marked the rubber list on the light on paint=P Rubbers on both of my light are more or less kinda loose, and a buddy of mine got the same problem too on his s13.5. Is this a common problem and what is the best way to fix it? buy new rubber? or take it off and glue it on again? or remove...
  9. S

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Need to know what this is and where it should sit, since this one is loose here:eek:
  10. B

    Do you have loose Nuts !

    Fitted my Blitz front pipe and de-cat last week,after fitting it I started it up and listened for any Blowing,all sounded good so drove round the block, got back and checked again only this time could hear blowing coming from the turbo area :( After a good nose around I could see it was coming...
  11. R

    LSD Question

    Im a bit of a tard when it comes to the technical aspects of my 200, which I might add doesnt change how much I love it :D so I thought I would ask for your opinion. When I loose traction the car shutters \ jumps and it seems like only one wheel is spinning (obviously I cant really tell being...
  12. I

    Steering wheel removal

    Has anyone removed the air bag wheel from a S15? There's something causing a rattle just below the plastic shroud but I need to take the wheel off to inspect whether there is anything loose or touching. Does the plastic front panel just pull off? I'll disconnect the battery to avoid decapitation.
  13. K


    Anyone know the best place to get headlight bulbs? My drivers side bulb doesn't seem to be working...all though it may be a loose connection but will have to check that later :indiff: Any Recommendations? Thanks! Andy