What paint?

    Basically I'm buying a Spec R on Friday and I hate the paint its got Now I want to paint it straight away, lose the wing and the lights too. Need people's thoughts and ideas on paint! I likes these ...
  2. CMR

    ABS query

    Has anyone removed the ABS pump and corresponding parts, but retained the sensor in the diff and wiring back to the ECU, and still got a speedo reading? Want to remove ABS eventually but don't want to lose the speedo or mess about with a digital converter etc.
  3. S

    Older car lose more horse power

    Is it true that older car will lose alot of horse power from the car? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew5cPCYuA9o&feature=feedu So how about if i bought S15 will i experience like that too? Hope to hear from you guys.:)
  4. M


    hi im new here and would just like to know a few details on the s15 hows the running cost and maintaince on the s15 does the rear lose very easy on rainy days even driving on a straight line thanks mark
  5. S

    How do you remove E clip on actuator?

    HKS Actuator question... Where to access E clip from? Top or bottom? What tool to use and how? I don't wanna lose it....
  6. S

    does my LSD oil need to be changed?

    hmm ok taking corners in my car and i try to accelerate out of the turn (only gently on the throttle) and the car kind of jerks as if i just popped the clutch and the power just went to the rear wheels, it doesnt lose traction or anything but just a 'jerk' feeling' from the rear end is this...