1. K

    WTB: Wanted:Bonnet and exhaust please

    Hi all, Anyone got a fibreglass or carbon bonnet for sale please? Also looking for a cat back exhaust (LOUD) please? Thanks
  2. Saxon

    Quietest Aftermarket Exhaust?

    Just wondering - what is the quietest performance/aftermarket exhaust available? I've been looking at the HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust and from what I've read it's not too much above the stock exhaust in terms of noise when you're driving it carefully, but louder when you give it some. Mine is...
  3. J

    Starter Motor Part#

    Does anyone know the part number for an S15 Spec R 2001 Starter Motor? I brought a car this weekend and now its in my possession it is refusing to start. Turn the key and all I get is a loud click. I tired giving the starter solenoid a tap to wake up but didn't get anything. Thanks, J.a.c.k
  4. R

    Loud Whistle and Grinding Noises, Replacement Turbo?

    Hi all! I was driving home the other day and the car suddenly felt sluggish, then I couldn't get any boost at all and could hear an horrendous loud whistling noise anytime I go near the accelerator. The car sounds like its literally screaming at it. Anyway, I knocked it off and then for a good...
  5. Lil SpecR

    Recommended dump valves...

    Hello :) Im just looking for which brands people here recommend for their S15s when it comes to replacing their dump valves... IVe seen Horsham developments crop up on here often (for good reasons lol!) and they do a kit - is this good? I see it prevents the suspected boost leak when over 1bar...
  6. sibbers

    WTB: Quiet 3" cat back exhaust

    Would love something to replace my loud bean can exhaust... no idea what it is and some people love it, but for me it's just too loud when driving normally and it makes my rattly doors sound like maracas! Loads of S14 exhaust seem to pop up, but hearing they are a bit longer so thought Id' post...
  7. S

    WTB: Wanted 3" Back Box

    I have a 3" back box But it is straight through with a 4" tip, and it is just to loud for my neighbours.
  8. A

    clunk from the left rear

    Recently I started to notice sometimes when I take a left turn or exit a roundabout it sounds like something is tapping the body in the left hand rear of the car loud enough that I can hear it over the exhaust but not really loud At first I thought it was the jack tapping onto the rear quarter...
  9. D

    WTB: Looking for a quiet 3" catback

    Hey guys, sorry to post this again, but I'm still looking for an exhaust system. I want a 3" exhaust system since I'm swapping a spec r engine. Catback would be fine for now but if someone has got a complete turboback system for a nice price I be interested as well. Looking for something not...
  10. P

    Fujitsubo RM01A cat-back - How Loud?

    I might buy one of these but don't really want a loud system. Can anyone comment on how loud it is? Thanks.
  11. S

    What head-unit and front speakers are you all running?

    Okay, so was wondering if some of you could show me what head units their running in their s15 and if there any good? Ideally I'm after a double din... Doesn't have to be anything too expensive or fancy.. However would like a touch screen with more screen then buttons if possible just to look...
  12. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    best exhaust for s15?

    Hey guys I need to know what some of the best exhaust and mufflers are going by loudness and great sound. want one real loud haha
  13. CMR

    FS: Kakimoto Racing Hyper Full Mega N1 + Exhaust for Sale

    As above. I imported this from RHDJapan last summer and it cost £630 + Shipping so around £750. :wack: It has done around 6000 miles. http://www.rhdjapan.com/kakimoto-racing-hyper-full-mega-n1-rev-exhaust-s13-s14-s15-62871 Note, it is not the same as the old Mega N1 which was ridiculously...
  14. Jay-pan

    WTB: Possible exhaust swap

    Hello, I have a Trust exhaust system and what i believe to be a rare Jasma certified "RACE ONLY" in great condition just a few scrapes on the centre section. Basically the exhaust is... 3" Stainless steel No silencer's Jap angled rear box. and as you gathered loud! but a nice loud, rolling...
  15. I

    Loud thud/knock when hitting bumps

    Hi guys! After I changed to coilovers I get a really loud and hard thud/bang in the back when i hit sharp bumps on the road. The coilovers are Apexi N1. It's rather harsh and its real bad when hitting sharp bumps at speed. Does not happen normally or even going over large bumps, only the sharp...
  16. S

    WTB: HKS Hi Power Silent

    Hi, I'm looking for a HKS Hi-Power silent exhaust for my S15. The current unbranded aftermarket exhaust on my S15 isn't that loud, but I just don't want grief from my neighbours. They already wrote a letter to the council and got a little petition against me when I did this... I drove with it...
  17. E

    Greetings from NZ!

    My name's Kenny from NZ, I've owned a S15 Spec S for about a year now It came with the wheels (which I don't particularly fancy) and an unknown brand exhaust which is really quiet but still loud when I want it to be :D So far I've added an HKS filter and Nismo S-tune suspension Thanks
  18. V

    loud humming noise

    ok people, my diff sprung a leak early in the week, ever since it started making a loud humming noise and its getting worse, its only really between 2000-3500rpm when acceleration is steady, i refilled the diff yesterday hoping it would quieten it but no joy :( does anybody know if its the...
  19. mint

    Gurggling?? huh..

    I got home now from dropping off a mate, and went for a shot blast up the touge - Nothing too nuts as roads where crap. Anyways. Got home, sat and idle'd for a bit turned car off to hear a really loud "Gurggling" sound from the bay.. popped the bonnet and recorded this...
  20. mint

    Mints Needs Help Fast Please Ta >_<

    y0 dudes, ok just went out in the s15 and everything was fine, came home popped back out again and there is a seriously loud noise coming from somwhere.. sounded like it was a stone in the disc to start with but its like a really loud metal scrappin noise, after a closer look with a mate...